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 We have a large selection of disc golf from Innova, Discraft, Millennium, Latitude 64, Vibram, DGA & Gateway. Including New and Used vintage collectibles and rare discs and Frisbees. Champion Edition CE 11x Champion KC Pro Gummy First Run Prototypes Tie Dye CryZtal Limited Editions CFR Flat Domey
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You are looking at a vintage piece of disc golf history. This "Star Spangled" beauty features the classic red and blue star stamp on pristine white plastic, making this incredibly rare Frisbee a crown jewel to any collection. The Sky-Star is the Holy Grail for Discraft Golf Disc Collectors, representing the very first disc produced by Discraft specifically for the sport of disc golf and the first disc with the words "Disc Golf" in the stamp. The Sky-Star was considered a small diameter disc at the time (measuring 9.5" in diameter), as many players in 1981 were playing with Ultimate discs. In fact, the Sky-Star was released to compete with discs like the Midnight Flyer (another "small" diameter disc of the time) in the newly formed market space for disc golf. The Sky Star was also PDGA certified a full 2 years before any disc from Innova, yet another mark in disc golf history for this disc. The Sky-Star was manufactured from 1981 to 1983 and was approved by the PDGA in 1981, making this disc incredibly rare and hard-to-find in new and unthrown condition! Hear us now and believe us later, this disc is a VERY, VERY Rare find. This disc is so rare, that we have only ever seen it available for sale one place elsewhere in new condition. We have been very fortunate to acquire this historic disc in new and unthrown condition and we are now offering it today for sale to you. Luck, lucky you. If you're a collector or know someone who is, then this is a rare opportunity to obtain a vintage piece of disc golf history in outstanding condition. Please note that these discs were not offered in varying weights and no weight is marked on the disc. This disc weighs in at 155g, a typical weight for this model.
You are looking at a very, very rare piece of disc golf history. The Phantom, manufactured over 25 years ago, was Discraft's first high-speed golf disc and bears the "Professional Distance Sportdisc" stamp to prove it! This disc is an early prototype version of the Phantom. Prototype Phantoms are identified by the lack of the words "PDGA Approved" on the stamp, and some of these discs even have the word "Prototype" hand-written on the back by Discraft. These discs were purchased directly from a collector who worked for Discraft and all are in outstanding shape. After this small batch of Prototype discs was made, this disc became the production Phantom and the stamp was changed to include the words "PDGA Approved". This mold was modified after 1985 as the basis for the Phantom Plus. We have been very fortunate to acquire this extremely rare and historic discs in new and unthrown condition. If you're a collector or know someone who is, then this is a rare opportunity to obtain a vintage piece of disc golf history in outstanding condition. Please note: Due to the age of this discs and it's label as prototypes, there may be small imperfections in the color and/or finish of the plastic and/or hot stamp. We certify that each disc is authentic and and in new and unthrown condition. The purchaser should expect that there will be small blemishes in the disc that will alter its appearance slightly but certainly make it very unique.
This Buzzz is very unique and was made in very limited quantities. This very cool disc, the sparkle BUZZZ with Ghost Stamp, has glitter molded right into the plastic for a cool look on sunny days. Its best feature by far is a very rare ghost stamp of the Buzzz Bee stinging through the chains. Nice! All of these discs are clear ("Ice") making for and awesome and unique look. These are great for any Buzzz enthusiast, collector, or anyone looking for a truly unique-looking disc. Notice the very small bubble in the rim (see pic) Don't delay - grab one while you can!