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Frequently Asked Questions About Glow Powders

  1. What is Glow Powder?
  2. What can I do with the powder?
  3. Is the glow powder safe for kids?
  4. Can I add it to soap & other skin products?
  5. How do I use Ready Set Glo's Powder?
  6. What is the powder's composition?
  7. How much do I need?
  8. How do I charge the powder?
  9. How many times can you charge it?
  10. What color are powders in daylight?
  11. Will sunlight ruin the glow powder?
  12. What sizes does READY SET GLO sell it in?
  13. Can you put Pigment in water based vehicle?
  14. Do the different colors glow different amount?
  15. What is first aid treatment?
  16. How does your new technology compare to the old glow-in-the-dark stuff?
  17. How does your pigments compare with other companies?
  18. Do powders have an odour?
  19. How far does it go?(coverage)
  20. Are your pigments patented?

What is Glow Powder?
Glow powder is actually called phosphorescent pigment. It is the basis of just about all glows in the dark products. This powdery substance absorbs light and then re-emits it over a length of time. The glow occurs when electrons fall from a higher orbit to a lower orbit. When they fall to a lower orbit, they emit energy as visible light. These products have chemicals in them with electrons that get excited by light waves. No chemical reaction actually occurs.

What can I do with the powder?
Let your imagination go wild! You can do practically anything with our versatile pigments! It is safe for the application in consumer products such as:      *clothing, *shoes, *caps, *watches, *novelties, *tackle & sporting goods. It has excellent results in the fields of:      * building, *decorating, *traffic vehicle, military installations, * fire emergency system, & escape route signs. The pigment can be mixed with a variety of transparent resins & binders including but not limited to:      *acrylic resin* paraffin* PU Resins poly acylamonia resins* amino resins, *glues, *plastics-PE, PP, ABS, PVC. And, of course all your craft Mediums!      *Candles-gel/wax, *ceramics, *ceramic Glaze, * fabric Paint,*oil paint,*acrylic paint What else?      *Nail polish, *hair gel, *caulking, *acrylic/gel nails, *glass, *rubber Check out some Projects created by some of our customers with our pigments!

Is the Glow Powder safe for kids?
Yes, the glow powder is non-toxic and non-radioactive & environmentally friendly. Our products are Photo Lluminescent Safety certified.

Can I add it to soap & other skin products?
Green & aqua have been tested & are safe for prolonged skin contact. As with any chemical product, there is always the chance of skin irritation, so apply to a test area first.

How do I use Ready Set Glo's Powder?
You basically just mix it with the medium you want to use it with. Powder will not melt but be suspended in the medium. You can use the glow powder in just about any application. Mix it with paint, candles-wax/paraffin, hair gel, fishing lures caulking, glue, plastic, inks, wax, plastisol, etc. Limitations are endless, just follow the basic instructions included with your order

What is the powder's composition?
Green,Aqua blue & violet are Alkaline earth aluminate activated by rare earth ions. (Strontium aluminate with europium as the activator. (SrAl03:Eu) The wavelength for the green is 520nm, the blue-green is 505nm, and the blue is 490nm. Red & Orange are Zinc Sulfide.

How much do I need?
This is a difficult question because it depends on vehicle used, process and application.
On average 10%-50% by weight is the best ratio for mixing Glow Powder to a vehicle. The percentage depends on how much glow is desired. If the base is a color other than white you may need to add more Glow Powder to achieve desired results.

(amounts shown are for MAXIMUM Glow)

  • 1oz - 14gm pigment
  • 1 Pint - 1/2 lb pigment
  • 1 Gallon - 2 lb pigment
  • 1oz=28gm
  • 1kg=2.2lb

How do I charge the powder?
Glow powder responds best to light sources rich in UV rays such as sunlight, black lamps and halogen lamps. Tungsten lamps (typical household bulbs) take longer to recharge the pigment because their UV output is low. Fluorescent lamps, which are rich in UV, provide faster excitation when Glow-Powder is placed near them.
Sun light - 5 minutes / UV light (Black light) - 5 to 10 minutes / Normal light - 20 to 30 minutes. Sunlight is the best source for charging the products, but practically any light source will do. Black light is a good provider of UV light (Glow-in-the-dark Bowling with black lights would be excellent).

How many times can I charge it?
You can charge the pigment OVER AND OVER indefinitely! Shelf life is a minimum 10 years. Once mixed in the medium of your choice, indoor life is 5-7 years and outdoor life is 3-4 years.

What color are powders in daylight?
Green blue aqua are all a pale yellow powder, red, is red color, Zinc orange is orange, violet is grey/white, orange strontium is white, white is also white in day.

Will sunlight ruin the glow powder?
Our Super Phosphorescent pigments are very stable outside and can last many years. The Short Glow zinc sulphide powder cannot.

What sizes does READY SET GLO sell it in?
5gm, 1oz, 1/2lb, 1lb, 1 kg, and Packages

Can you put Pigment in water based vehicle?
Yes, green blue and aqua can be used for this application.

Do the different colors glow different times?
Yes. Green is the brightest and aqua glows the longest. Blue is close behind, violet up to 2 hours and red and orange up to 1/2 hour.

What is first aid treatment?
Although it is free from the heavy metals and any of radioactive substances, it is recommended to wear the dust mask or other safety devices, when handling our products. May cause irritation of nose, throat, eyes & skin. Wash with water when your skin or eyes are exposed to our products. Keep the products away from moisture and seal it when not in use.

How does your new technology compare to the old glow-in-the-dark stuff?
There are two basic glow-in-the-dark (GID) materials. The older style that has been around for many years is Zinc Sulphide with Copper as an activator (those stars for kids rooms) and THE NEXT GENERATION Strontium Aluminate that READY SET GLO Sells. The afterglow is about 10 times longer than conventional pigments and about 10 times brighter. The excitation wavelength is very broad 200-450nm. We only carry the new powder. FYI - the new powder is 10X more expensive!

Do powders have an odor?
Due to the composition necessary to manufacture red & orange, they have a slight sulphuric odor to them . We now have available Orange in Strontium...no odor & long glow!

How far does it go?                                                                                                         One kilogram of dry Glow Powder can cover an area roughly 3.3 square meters or 12 square feet with a 150 um thick film. One gram covers approximately 25 square centimetres.          


Are your pigments patented?
Yes! They have patent numbers or are patent pending, We have complete legal rights to distribute our products worldwide.

How does your pigments compare with other companies?
Unfortunately many companies are selling lower grade pigments with fillers added, as the brightest pigments around. We here at Ready Set Glo back up our products with complete data & technical Specs on every product so you can make an informed decision. We also provide you with over 2100 testimonials from past customers as well as offer our Product/Service/Price Guarantee. If this is your 1st or 100th time ordering on the internet, we want it to be a pleasurable experience!