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Scientific studies have been conducted researching the relationship between pheromones and attraction. It has been determined that pheromones are undetectable, odorless airborne chemicals produced by our sweat glands that send subconscious, alluring signals to the opposite sex. They decrease in number and potency as we age. They are removed by our habits of daily showering and wearing antiperspirants. Counteract this decline in pheromones and boost your appeal by wearing Danainae pheromone perfumes and colognes.

Women's pheromone perfumes contain a special blend of Androstenol (suggests an aura of sociability), Estratetraenol (suggests an aura of femininity) and Androstenone (suggests an aura of attractiveness).

Men's pheromone colognes contain a special blend of Androstenone (suggests an aura of male strength and dominance), Androstenol (suggests an aura of sociability and Alpha Androsterone (suggests an aura of protectiveness). Click here for more info

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