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SolPals solar lighting, childrens solar nightlights and  portable solar-cell emergency camping lights Patented solar-powered hybrid lighting solutions for all ages and uses!
MoonBeams: Children's solar-powered hybrid nightlights that charge during the day & automatically turn on at night.


Multi-purpose, hands-free solar-powered hybrid light.


UNPLUG from the grid, REMOVE shock danger from little ones, FEEL good about using free solar energy and BE PREPARED with emergency solar lights that are reliable and easily charged.
SolPals indoor solar-powered lighting- solar night lights for children, solar camping lights and solar led night light


Every solar-lighting purchase helps another kid.



Sol Pals began in 2008 as the brainchild of founder/inventor Ron Gustaveson II. Ron and his family were inspired by a documentary about children of impoverished inner-city families living in darkness because their families couldn't afford electricity. Having four children himself, Ron's heart went out to these kids who came home to the dark, day after day. He knew there had to be a way to help. From Ron's passion for solar and wind energy, SolPals was born. The intent was to combine two concepts: solar power and nightlights. The result was two unique lights: MoonBeams…solar-powered hybrid nightlights for children FlexLight…solar-powered hybrid utility light


SolPals' primary focus is creating solar-energy products relevant to today's daily lifestyle. "Our mission is to light up the night with the power of the sun!"


Through much research and development, SolPals has invented a light that uses both a RECHARGABLE battery and an ALKALINE battery. The reason for two batteries is to insure adequate power. Solar power only works with adequate SUNLIGHT. The longer the solar cells are exposed to daylight, the longer the charge. Conversely, less daylight means less charge. All SolPals lights have the option to be either completely solar-powered or to use built-in hybrid technology. The hybrid sensor first utilizes all stored solar energy, then, if necessary, automatically switches to an alkaline battery.


Ron wanted a product that would be fun and functional, as well as educational for kids. He also wanted a company that could facilitate the idea of "kids helping kids." How best to do this? SolPals contributes a portion of proceeds to a charitable foundation, Project Share the Light. Project Share the Light focuses on solar lighting solutions for children in impoverished areas around the world, because NO child should be left in the dark.


Our Senior Management

  • Ron Gustaveson II - CEO/Founder
  • Brent Johnson - VP of Marketing




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