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Sonic Sense Design Services

Design/Build for Churches and Performance Venues

Rest assured your facility is in good hands with Sonic Sense. Our team has designed and installed premier Audio, Video, and Lighting systems around the country for clients including:
  • Faith Community Church - West Covina CA (2,800 seats)
  • The Pearl Theater at The Palms Casino - Las Vegas NV (2600 seats)
  • Dicks Sporting Goods Park (Soccer Stadium) - Denver CO (16,000 seats)
  • Sondheim Theater - Cedar Rapids, IA (600 seats)
  • University of Northern Colorado
  • Central Baptist Church (850 seats)
  • Northern Hills Community Church (500 seats)
  • Fellowship Community Church (800 seats)
Of course, elite level design and passion in performance systems isn’t our only focus. We understand that more goes into a great outcome than just quality and reliable systems. Intimately understanding a client’s needs, getting the most out of a budget, and providing comprehensive, detailed project management also work together towards mutually satisfying results.

For system design and installation inquiries, contact:
Marc Nutter - Partner
303-753-0201 or email via: nutter “at” sonicsense “dot” com

Our Project Workflow:

Understanding our Clients’ Needs:
While we have been on stages working and performing for nearly 25 years, we have always believed that there is no better way to understand an individual client’s need than to spend time working with you face to face.

Through this process we:
  • Learn about your specific project goals, operational requirements, and expectations
  • Address budgetary considerations
  • Assure future proofing and expansion

Our team here at Sonic Sense fully understands these attributes through our extensive history with performance systems. We’re not just designers and solder jockeys, we’ve spent time in the trenches mixing shows/services, as musicians playing in shows/churches, as facility technical directors, and more.

Performance Design:

We’ll balance fidelity, operation, budget, aesthetics, and all identified important attributes to develop systems that satisfy everyone. We’ve been in business since 1994 and represent nearly 150 manufacturers across the industry. Whether it is a product you prefer, or finding the right one for your needs, all options are on the table.

Ensuring system components meet specified standards, providing complete CAD drawing packages, and safe, secure installation, including careful attention to rigging and mechanical integrity, are all part of the delivery package from Sonic Sense.

Reliability: **Serviceability and Optimization**

At Sonic Sense we take system and component reliability very seriously. A reliable system starts in the design phase by selecting products proven to withstand the test of prolonged usage. Next, proper implementation and installation of this equipment has an equal, if not greater, impact on system reliability. We insure that all system components are installed properly to provide performance consistent with the specifications. This includes proper power system design and conditioning, attention to thermal levels (heat dissipation) and unobstructed air flow, and proper methods of use.

Even our wire pulls are given meticulous attention to insure no damaged is caused. Once terminated and labelled on both ends, the infrastructure will remain intact for many years to come.

Finally, each system is thoroughly optimized with respect to gain structure, equalization, time alignment and user-friendly operation. Once we have completed these steps, we again join your users for close listening and thorough training.

Training and Support

A great system also has a personal side. We continue to support our clients and their systems long after the installation. Immediately upon completion, we provide a detailed training session and support during initial operations to assure your users are satisfied and comfortable with the new systems.

In an age where many products provide good performance, the distinguishing factor is the quality of support a manufacturer deliver. Beyond our support, we have selected manufacturers who we know to provide the same level of support as we do.

Project Management:

Through the course of your project, you will receive the attention and care you need. We pour our focus and energy into only one project at a time, and our owner, Marc Nutter, is deeply involved in each. Our close contact with you, and other contractors involved on the project, allows us to respond quickly to dynamic and fast paced situations as the project progresses.

Well managed projects not only allow for flexibility in the process but they accomplish the goals on time and in budget. We understand the complex time-lines of construction and know how to pace our crews for extended and fast-track projects.

We are ready to provide the work you need in the time you need it completed and understand the importance of your daily operations. Whether it’s an extended project over many months, or “We need it completed next Sunday and can’t have any downtime,” we are ready to meet your needs.


Perhaps the most difficult task in choosing a contractor is the recognizing the company’s ethics. It is practically an industry standard practice for a contractor to bids with a low price to get the job, then use “Change Orders” during the project to make up for their original number.

At Sonic Sense we are meticulous about developing a scope of work and contract up front that provides you with everything you need in your systems and often even allow some scope expansion without change orders. We are very competitive with our pricing, and maintain that competitive pricing in all facets of the project despite any addition or reduction of scope requested by our clients. We also believe that manufacturer allegiances are not in the interests of our clients. Our system designs use the best product for our clients needs rather than sticking with the products from a manufacturer we have “special deals” with.

Design/Build for Recording Studios:

Design and installation for performance venues isn’t our only passion here at Sonic Sense. We also provide great products and design services for recording studios! Our long history and experience in recording both live and in the studio, coupled with our years of work in performance venue systems design, and a long history with some of the industry’s most acclaimed acoustical engineers and high-end product manufacturers, puts us in a unique position to provide great designs and pro installations at a very cost effective price.

We work on projects ranging from consultation and equipment supply for simple setups to design and installation for elite recording studios. Given our history in the industry, there is no project demands need we cannot handle. Each of our studio projects is addressed with the same professionalism as outlined in our performance venue design work-flow outlined above.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals.

For studio design and installation inquiries, contact:
Marc Nutter, Consultant
303-753-0201 or email via: nutter “at” sonicsense “dot” com