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Spiritual Apache Crafts

Offering My Apache Made Peace Pipes,Pipe Stems, Carving Stone, Pipe Stone, Pow Wow, Rendezvous, Mountain Man Supplies, Black Powder Horn, Face Pelts, Fur Pelt, Lacing, Horse Hair, Crow,Pony,Heishi Beads, Necklaces, Turquoise Jewelry, Turtle Rattle, Moccasins all linked to my Native American Heritage.

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Shipping and payment
Greetings, Will ship via Post Office within 48 hours of payment not counting the weekend. Our small Post Office is closed Saturdays. We appreciate your trade. Many Thanks! Sincerely,Rudy and Sheri
    This commentary is acknowledgment of my infinite gratitude for Great Spirit’s blessings of my past and present life! Sheri (Love of my life) and I are in celebration for my past birthday April 30th of 86 summers -- and our 46th year of a wonderful companionship. Such incredible union of love is topped by our present efforts developing a Quail Covey Oasis for the preservation of Earth Mother’s outdoor intelligent daily visitors. Most notably are tiny infant baby quail born without parents killed by predator ferrel cats. Abandoned full grown cats that were once cuddly little kittens. Shamefully discarded by careless “Snow-birds” coming to Quartzsite, Arizona every winter.
    We are enjoying a state of bliss -- LIVING beyond belief -- as, we now own our piece of heaven. Ownership of half an acre property -- is a first in our 45 years of having EXISTED in different places -- addressed as home. At those points in time -- little did we feel and sense the reality of bliss felt from land ownership! Especially -- where our efforts to improve surroundings is without contempt from R.V. Park resident’s negative feelings regarding the feeding of wild life in our past proximity.  
    Since we acquired this property last Nov. 2010, we have by neighbor visitor’s admission -- made a remarkable change to the bare land that existed for decades. Involving our efforts to create an environment suitable for wild lives enjoyment through daily feeding and the planting of all manner of vegetation, we have inadvertently created a sense of enjoying life unlike ever before!
    One might say -- in essence we have entered a new phase of life that engenders longevity. At 86 summers, (Sheri 62) Great Spirit blesses Sheri and I with great mental and physical health. Not only that, but instills in us incredible stamina for the arduous labor of love and work, undertaken! -- Developing a sanctuary for the safety and betterment of animal life in our perimeter, including the surrounding properties is truly a commitment with responsibilities testing one’s mettle. The planting of numerous plants, shade and fruit trees attracts all manner oft wild life and insects unlike existed here -- ever before -- not to say the least predators as well.
    Our celebration comes from the fact that all our plants and trees transplanted from the R.V. Park we left, are growing remarkably, due to the better soil and quality of water we all enjoy here. It is a marvelous sigh to behold -- not expected after the unintentional brutal method resorted to digging trees and plants that were many years in growth in ground of mostly sand gravel and rocks. We invoked Great Spirit’s help to offset such harsh transplanting incurred for plant survival. We are witnessing -- our love and constant attention that’s producing the fruits of our labor. Literally speaking our citrus, peach, apricot, almond, olive, and grape vines are fruiting as never before! Truly a miracle worthy of celebration!
    It is an incredible sight to behold, as our perimeter is now home to numerous quail nesting close by. Not to say the least so many doves and birds loving the insect life trees and plants attract. As if that were not enough, the bees we raised in the other place have migrated here into our beehive. The rub of the green so to speak, is having to ensure all plant life from the numerous rabbits that frequent this area, ha! We circle all plant life with mesh wire. The numerous cactus we planted are the favorite with rabbits. A plant food we harvest that doctors claim reduces cholesterol.
    Cactus is a plant food that provided constant food for my Chiricahua Apache ancestors in the Great Southwest of Arizona, home of the Giant Saguaro that grace the so-called deserts of this nation and Mexico. This beautiful home we now enjoy  celebrating -- is the result from a voice that urged me in a dream to develop a sanctuary for the preservation of animal life! It is becoming --  in parlance -- “A dream come true”!      
    This is just part of Greater Story in the Life of a Chiricahua Apache that endured untold negativism, for having been born from Aboriginal parents of and in this nation -- “America the land of the Free!”  It is a revelation to encourage others that still suffer from the conquest syndrome of and by peoples who had suffered for centuries in other parts of the world. Their misery being caused by despotic and greedy tyrant rulers -- sadly still in existence in and on this planet Mother Earth.                                                             
    Love and Great Spirit’s blessings to one and all ---- GrandFather -- Rudy Eagle