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 Steel Bells Medical ID Bracelets

Steel Bells Medical ID Bracelets

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 I am no longer able to offer single charms unless they are paid for up front. I have a bag full of charms that people decided they did not want. Sorry, but if you need special orders you must pay up front and the turnaround is 10 to 14 days. My apologies.
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If you are in need of multiple medical alert charms on one bracelet, I can create a custom listing especially for you from the charms I have in my store Simply message me with the bracelet you want with the charms you want and I'll make a listing just for you.

Your listing will look like this: "Custom listing from Steel Bells for Jane Doe"

I will make a bracelet to suit your needs with everything in one place so there's no need for clicks and searches saving time and energy. I can always be reached by messaging or calling anytime. (803) 319-0425

Attaching Italian Charms

The first time you try to add or remove an Italian Charm will probably be frustrating. It is one of those things that until you do it once, it is kind of awkward. But don't worry, after just a few times you will be a pro and you will be rearranging your Italian Charm bracelet all the time!


There are two ways to do it, one with your fingers and the other with a Italian Charm removal tool. The Italian Charm tool makes is easier and they are very inexpensive, so if you want, buy one. They are not a waste of money.


However, it is nice to be able to change out Italian Charms "on the fly", and it really is not hard, so give it a try. My how-to instructions below are not very attractive. I am afraid I am not much of an artist, but the idea is there.


1) Start out by squeezing the Italian Charm between the flat part of your thumb and the flat part of your index finger (the parts where your fingerprints are taken). Squeeze really tight.


2) Once you have squeezed, push your thumb forward, while still squeezing. You will notice as you push forward that part of the Italian Charm slides with your thumb and part of the Italian Charm stays with your index finger. This is opening the Italian Charm up. Now, since it is spring-loaded, don't let up the pressure or it will snap back. If you look at the part under your thumb, you will notice you have pushed out a hook. A very wide hook, but a hook none the less.


3) Holding another Italian Charm in your other hand, you can hook the hook across a "bar" on the back of the other Italian Charm. You don't have to open the other Italian Charm up, you can just hook right onto it.


If you push on the Italian Charm to open it and nothing happens, turn it around and push the other way - they only open one way.