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  • Extended Warranty


One, two, and three year extended warranties are also available for many of our vehicles. Prices and availability can be viewed in the individual vehicle listings. Below is a list of the component coverage.

Motorcycle/ATV/Scooter Component Coverage

ENGINE: All internally lubricated parts; valve covers; intake manifolds; oil pump; fan motor; valves; engine mounts; cylinder head(s); engine block/crankcase and cylinder barrels if damaged as a result of the Failure of an internally lubricated covered engine component.

WATER PUMP: Impeller shaft; bearings; bushings and housing.

TURBOCHARGER: Internal parts; vanes; shafts; bearings, bushings, waste gate and housing if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered components.

TRANSMISSION: All internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case; gears; bearings; internal drive gears; internal selector mechanism and transmission mounts. Transmission case if damaged as a result of the Failure of an internally lubricated transmission component. (Clutch assembly and cable are not covered).

PRIMARY DRIVE: All internally lubricated parts (except clutch and hub assemblies) contained within the primary drive case; all gears; bearings; internal drive gears and chains; internal selector mechanism. Primary drive case if damaged as a result of the Failure of a covered primary drive component.

DRIVE AXLE ASSEMBLY (Shaft driven motorcycles and ATVs): Differential housing; transaxle housing; final drive housing; all internally lubricated parts of the foregoing; axle shafts; constant velocity joints; universal joints; drive shafts; locking hubs; hub bearings; locking rings; supports; retainers and bearings.

FRONT AND REAR SUSPENSION: All internally lubricated parts contained within the front fork tubes and front hub; swing arm bearings or bushings; front and rear wheel bearings; frame; swing arm; upper and lower control arms; ball joints; king pins; bushings and spindle. Front fork tubes and front hub if damaged as a result of the Failure of a covered suspension component.

STEERING: Upper and lower steering stem bearings and bushing axle; steering stem; handle bar; steering stem nut, rod ends. Steering stem shaft if damaged as a result of the Failure of a covered steering component.

BRAKE: Brake backing plates; brake hubs; disc rotors; calipers; master cylinder assembly; hydraulic lines and fittings; drum brake actuating cam; secured hardware.

ELECTRICAL: Alternator; starter assembly; manually operated switches; cooling fan motor; wiring harness; ignition coil(s); rectifier, stator assembly; rotor assembly; CDI control box/electronic ignition control module; magneto; electronic fuel injection control module and voltage regulator.

GAUGES: All factory instrumentation (mechanical and electronic) and electronic instrument sensors. (Light bulbs are not covered).

FUEL SYSTEM: Petcock; fuel lines and fittings; fuel pump and housing; diaphragms; springs; valves and actuating lever.

TOURING BIKES: Digital dash components; control cables; factory installed sound system (Speakers are not covered); fairing hardware, brackets, switches, covers, latches and hinges; saddlebag/travel trunk latches, hinges and mounting hardware.

SEALS AND GASKETS (New Vehicles Only): Coverage will be extended to include Seals and Gaskets Coverage on covered components.

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