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 The Guitar Workshop

The Guitar Workshop

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 The guitar workshop is the one stop shop for the discerning guitarist giving great deals on used guitars, amps, effects and accessories. we currently stock mainly second hand but we carry lots of new spares and parts

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The Guitar Workshop...
...has been founded, out of desperation and frustration, as a guitar shop for guitarists, run by an active "gigging" band member. With a network of contacts supplying us with anything from guitars, amps, leads, sound or lighting systems and all manner of spares. In house we offer tuition (in a mix of styles), quality repairs at competitive rates and sound advice brought about by years of playing, mending (and breaking) all manner of equipment

The proprietor, Duncan Keith, is a well known and respected, member of the music fraternity currently fronting the powerful blues rock band Deltablue and the quieter, albeit just as much fun, "Hoosemairtes" acoustic trio as well as making guest appearances in various "house bands" locally and teaming up for oddoccasions for the odd jamming session with like minded players.


The Guitar Workshop stocks many differing guitars from the cheap and  cheerful beginners guitar to the intermediate and more advanced players equipment from major names from around the world. If the  guitar you want is not in stock, we can obtain something to your liking, very quickly, from all major brands or, offer you an alternative that may play just as well as your original requirement, but, be more economically priced! 

Whether you are buying your first budget guitar or wish to purchase that handmade, custom built, upside down necked, lefthander with stereo bells and whistles, we can accommodate you! With guitars from all parts of the world, from all leading manufacturers and some lesser known up and coming makes that quite simply will "rock your socks off". Just because it hasn't got that big name, does not mean it cannot be good. It just means you don't pay for the big name! Think about it, all these big name guys have their budget models made somewhere, but where? More importantly what else comes out of that factory at a cheaper price,  made to the same, or in some cases, possibly, better quality? 
Oh and remember...I have personally gigged some of these guitars
myself to see how they perform in a real life working environment. If it let me down, I wouldn't sell it!!

Choose your style, electric or acoustic, lead or bass, six or twelve string, single or double necked. We can supply them all!

Check out the pictures and ring for the price, if you need more info, we are adding links to the manufacturers homepages so you can check them out on the net. 

One word of warning! 

First, a piece of obvious advice. Don't just check out the price and buy from the cheapest source. Yes, there are bargains out there if you know what to look for and where to get it from. 

We ourselves, are considering selling the cheaper ranges of guitar over the net shortly, but until then, our guitars are professionally setup in house and play to the best capabilities of the individual piece of kit! (Oh and to the best capabilities of the player of course!)

For this, our guitars have a nominal premium over these cheaper guitars of the same make or style but, most importantly, play and feel like something from a big name manufacturer for a lot less than their price!

If you don't believe us, come in and try one. We don't charge, but we do have a list of rules you must abide buy. Its just a short list of songs we try not to allow in the shop, like...Smoke on the water, Stairway to Heaven, etc etc...

It's not that they are bad songs, far from it! But, when you have heard every inconceivable version going, from players of all abilities and walks of life, a Zillion times this gets, quite frankly....tedious. So bring us something new if you can...especially if you wrote it!!

Talk to Dunc...he will endeavour to make you an offer you can't refuse! 
He can't promise the earth but he will damn well try to!


Situated in newly refurbished premises in Ibstock high street, we have purpose built practice rooms for teaching guitar to all levels. We cater for all users, of pretty well any age, from the absolute beginner through the intermediate stages to the more advanced players.
Most styles can be accomodated from Rock, Blues, Country etc. played on acoustic or electric guitars.


On site we have the capacity to undertake all minor up to the more specialist repairs to both Acoustic or Electric Guitars. Highly specialist work will be considered but possibly referred to a more specialist Luthiers if deemed necessary. Unlike some...we know our limitations!!

Types of repairs currently/recently undertaken:

Restringing, fret dressing, neck adjustments, re-wires of electrics, replacement "pots" pickups, upgrades, "set ups". Small repairs to acoustic bodies eg nut replacement crack repairs etc etc..

Amplifiers and other electrical Kit:

Valve, switch and pot replacements can, where parts can be obtained, be undertaken. We have specialist outside help available for those small mishaps... like blowups!!

                      Telephone:   01530267324                           

The Guitar Workshop
Suite 6, Project 57,
High Street,
LE67 6LG