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 We sell cruelty-free chicken feathers & goose quills from our hobby farm in Pine County, MN, plus cruelty-free macaw, peacock, turkey, emu, parrot & guinea feathers, wildflower seeds, the "49 Gates of Light" kabbalah ebook, and reincarnation consultations with Rabbi Yonassan Gershom

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Rabbi Gershom's popular  "49 Gates of Light"  kabbalah course available here --now in full color!

 complete 7-week course PDF file on CD for only $10 -- that's only a $1.25 a week -- Buy it now!

Always combined shipping at reasonable cost, customer satisfaction guaranteed -- check out our feedback and see for yourself!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q:Are these feathers sanitized? 

A. No, at least not with the harsh dangerous chemicals (formaldehyde and/or sulfur dioxide) used by commercial craft companies.  Like most feather sellers on eBay, I sell them just as they came from the birds.  I do put them in the freezer for a few days to kill any bugs, but I do not wash them unless they are visibly dirty.  Why not?  Two reasons:

First, bird diseases are not usually spread through feathers.  Bird flu, for example, is spread through direct contact with bird mucus, blood, or by eating the droppings -- which birds do, but you do not!   Most other bird diseases are not contageous to humans through feathers, if at all.  In addition, feathers that are naturally shed in the chicken yard are exposed to the ultra-violet rays of the sun, which naturally kill bacteria. (This is one reason why free-run birds are generally healthier than birds crammed into factory farm cages where they get very dirty and never see daylight.) 

Secondly, it is very, very tedious to hand wash feathers and this would double or triple the price.  If you are concerned about germs, you can gently wash your feathers in warm water (not hot, it damages the feathers)  and mild dish soap, then air dry.  (Do not use bleach, it can ruin the colors.)   After that, you will need to hand-fluff each feather or, in the case of wing and tail feathers, preen them individually.  You will then see why most feather sellers do not do this -- it is VERY time-consuming. 

NOTE:  Feathers that are advertised as "steam cleaned" probably come from commercial industries, since few hobbyists or small flock owners have this equipment.  Commercial feathers are a by-product of the meat industry and are NOT cruelty-free.  Always ask the seller about their birds if in doubt.

Q:  Can I get feathers from you in bulk?

A.  That depends on what you mean by "bulk."  I sometimes have lots of 50-100 feathers, but rarely bigger lots, because raising birds cruelty-free is self-limiting.  When you have too many birds in a space, they fight and you lose the humaness.  So most cruelty-free feather sellers -- including me -- have a limited number of birds and feathers, and cannot do HUGE wholesale orders.   (See my Guide page on bulk feathers for further discussion of the humane issues involved in mass production of feathers.) I cater mostly to individual crafters who make one-of-a-kind items, and to people who want a few special feathers for their ceremonies or regalia. 

Q: Do you have any cruelty-free ostrich feathers?

A. Unfortunately, no.  Ostriches are very aggressive, dangerous birds that make terrible pets.  (An angry ostrich can kick hard enough to rip your belly open and kill you -- think velocoraptor.  They also have very long necks and bite.)   Ostriches in the USA are raised primarily for meat, and I have not found anybody who keeps them as companions who might be a source of feathers. 

Q:  Do you have any cruelty-free raven feathers? Eagle feathers?  Owl feathers?

A.  Ravens are a protected species, and it is illegal to own the birds or their feathers.  The same goes for eagles, hawks, owls, and most other wild birds.  The only feathers it is legal to sell are from domesticated birds: Chicken, goose, duck, guineafowl, turkey, ostriche, emu, peacock, exotic pheasants, and captive-raised macaws, parrots, parakeets, finches, canaries.  Game bird feathers, such as grouse, quail, and ring-necked pheasant, are also legal but rarely available in cruelty-free, since the come from hunts.  For other species, you must use simulated of "fake" feathers.  (The feathers from the female black-shouldered peafowl, which are white with black markings, make nice fake eagle feathers.)


Q:Do you combine shipping?

A:On most items, yes. Others are too fragile or oddly-shaped and must ship alone. The auction description tells you the options, but if you are not sure, or the shipping combination that eBay gives you seems excessive (computers can be incredibly stupid sometimes!) please ask for an invoice. I'll give you the best deal possible.  See my Shipping and Customer Service page for more details on how I combine items.


Q:Why don't you accept checks and money orders anymore?

A:Because eBay has banned them from their site. As of January 15, 2009, all payments on eBay must be electronic (by PayPal or credit card) and sellers are no longer allowed to have paper payments as an option on their listings.

What if you absolutely cannot pay electronically for some reason?  Behind the scenes eBay does allow me to occasionally work out something else with a customer, but be aware that if you do this, eBay also says, "Buyers who insist on paying with these prohibited payment methods in an Unpaid Item claim will lose the claim and will not be allowed to leave negative feedback." I rarely, if ever, have returns or complaints about my items but you should be aware that if you pay by non-electronic methods, you do lose your rights to a claim on eBay.


Q:When can I expect my order to arrive?

A:Usually within a week in the USA, longer overseas.   I ship First Class Mail for lightweight items and in the USA they usually get there almost as fast as Priority Mail.   For International orders I also prefer First Class Mail because it is much, MUCH cheaper than the other options and usually gets there in a week to 10 days.  I try to ship within 2-3 business days, often sooner. However, keep in mind that we are a family business and I do all this by myself, so things like weather, illness, home emergencies, Jewish holy days, etc. can sometimes cause short delays. But 99% of the time, you will get your item FAST!! 

Due to the recent rise in gas costs, I'm only going into town about twice a week instead of daily.  This can mean a small delay in shipping but it also means BIG savings for you on shipping.   One reason some sellers ship everything by Priority mail is because they can then schedule door-to-door pickups with the postman.  You cannot do this with other forms of mail.  Sure, it is convenient to have everything picked up at the door but it raises shipping costs astronomically, so I don't do that.  I take everything to the post office myself so I can use First Class -- much cheaper for you and, in the USA, things usually get there just as fast.

Please keep this all in mind when you evaluate me in the 5-star feedback system.  These stars count very heavily toward how eBay evaluates us sellers -- a "four" is considered a complaint by eBay, not  just "satisifed."  The star ratings, in turn, affect how and where our listings are displayed in searches and on Best Match, what benefits and bonuses Powersellers do or do not receive, etc.  So please remember that a day or two delay means more money in your pocket, right?  And isn't that consideration worth 5 stars?

Q: Do you provide a tracking number?

A.  That depends on the value of the item.  For small items like packets of seeds, the cost of a tracking number ($1.64 as of this writing) would almost double your shipping charges.  Since such packages are RARELY lost or damaged, it is more cost effective for me (and you) to simply replace the rare package that goes astray.   On the other hand, for more valuable or fragile items, I do provide tracking, which is included in the shipping costs.


Q:How much is the Shipping and Handling Charge?

A:This varies with the items (seeds, flat art, and most feathers combine for free) , but averages $1-2 per combined shipment on some heavier or odd-shaped items. See my Shipping and Customer Service page for more details on how I combine items. I try to be as fair as possible, using the most economical way that is also SAFE for the items, but sometimes additional or different packaging is needed to combine.  Keep in mind that I must cover packing materials, gas, eBay and Paypal fees, too -- think of the extra dollar or so as a finder's fee that saved you from driving all over town. (At current gas prices, that can be a lot!)


Q:Do you ship internationally?

A:On most items, yes. However, I cannot send live plants or plant materials outside the USA, except for seeds.  Some other natural items may also be excluded due to customs regulations.  For feathers, please check with your customs agent first.  Canada, UK and Europe are OK, Australia and New Zealnd are NOT, other places might not be.  (New Zealand requires that feathers be professionally fumigated with formaldehyde and documentation provided from the fumigator -- which is not practical for small lots of feathers such as I sell.)


Q:Feathers don't weigh much -- $2.50 for one feather seems high

A:True, they don't weigh much, but they need to be in a box or between cardboard so they don't get bent or crushed, and that adds weight -- a minimum of $1.95 for a "small package" as of this writing . Some people just stuff them in an envelope, but I don't do that. For long feathers and quills, I custom cut sturdy 3-sided long boxes that are cheaper to use and send than commerical tubes, but it does take time for me to do this.   Also, I will combine feather shipments (very often additional ones go FREE) and, in the USA, and in the USA, you shipping charges will never be more that $7.00 for feathers, because then we can bump it up to Priority Mail -- which covers a LOT of feathers!


Q:Why don't you have digital downloads anymore? Can you send my ebook by email?

A:As of March 31, 2008, digital items sold on eBay can no longer be delivered by download or email unless they are listed in the "Classified Ad" section -- which is way too expensive and that's not automated anyway.  My solution is to combine all digital items in your order onto one data CD for a flat shipping charge of $2.50 worldwide.  IFor more on this, see my About Our Custom Burned CDs info page. 


Q:When are your cruelty-free feathers available?

A:Whenever the birds decide to shed them :) Geese usually moult in June, chickens and other birds in late summer or early fall.  Other times of the year there may be some feathers available also, but the selection is not as great. Occasionally I buy up large wholesale lots from people who have been stashing them in the attic or whatever -- these are usually one-time deals.  To get in on the best feather auctions, sign up for my email newsletters by adding my eBay Store to your Favorites.  Also see my About our Cruelty-Free Feathers page for more info on when and where the feathers come from.


Q:I only need one feather for a project -- can I get just one?

A:Yes. Visit my store -- I often list single feathers in my inventory.  If you need something else, please contact me. If I've got it, we'll make a deal and I'll put up a special "Buy It Now" just for you.


Q:Is there a phone number where I can call you?

A:Because the only phone we have is our private family number, I don't put that on the Internet, but if you need to talk to me in person, contact me through eBay's message system, and I'll give it to you privately. But please be aware that we do not, repeat, DO NOT log on, check email, or answer the phone on the Jewish  Sabbath, which is from Friday afternoon until after dark on Saturday (Central Time Zone for me.)  In this day of constant texting and stores open 24/7, the wisdom of Sabbath rest is needed more than ever -- thank you in advance for your patience and multi-cultural awareness.

If you are buying a "Phone Consultation with Rabbi Gershom" you will be contacted by me after your payment clears to arrange for the consultation.


Q:It's been weeks and I haven't gotten my item -- what shall I do?

A:Please contact me through the "Contact Seller" link BEFORE leaving a negative. Things do sometimes get lost in the mail, sent to the wrong address if your account is not up to date or I goof up on the Zip code, etc.  Whatever the problem, I'll make it right!


Q:I want more of an item than is listed -- will you do a custom sale for me?

A:You bet I will!  If there is something I've got that you want in quantity, contact me and if I've got more, we'll make a deal. Then I will put up a custom "Buy It Now" listing just for you!  And if there is a type of feather that you want but do not see listed, please ask.  I've always got more new feathers coming in, and I often do special orders.  However, it is very difficult to give you feathers all in one color because I have a flock of mixed breeds, and, as stated above, large bulk whiolesale orders are not possible with cruelty-free.

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