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The New-Old-Stock "NOS" Bicycle Shop

...a small family-run shop dedicated to the new-old-stock bicycle market.
Home to a nice selection of new-old-stock ("NOS") and second-hand bicycle frames, components and accessories.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. To this end, our pledge will be to provide accurate product listings, courteous and prompt customer service and reasonable shipping rates.

Please contact us immediately should we fail to deliver on what we promise. We realize it's difficult to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and that we will make mistakes, but please just give us an opportunity to make things right in the end.

International Customers...

We have been getting some recurring questions from international customers, so as a courtesy, we have copied excerpts from our terms and conditions and noted them here...

Note to international customers regarding shipping...
We apologize to those that feel some of our international shipping charges are too high. We only charge actual shipping rates, but once an order exceeds a certain amount, we hesitate to use the less expensive international shipping services. We feel this way, because these services are not trackable or more risk of loss. We prefer the US Postal Service's Priority Mail International service for more expensive orders, because this service is trackable and less risk of loss. This service is more expensive, especially for smaller/lighter packages, relative to uninsurable and untrackable international shipping services, but far less expensive than other trackable and insurable international services from other carriers. We are sorry about these higher shipping costs, but hopefully our notes help to explain why this is the case.

Note to international customers regarding customs...
We also apologize to those that feel their country import taxes, duties and brokerage fees are excessive. As a small US business, we are required by customs' laws to declare each order as a retail sale. Additionally, the declared order value must be equal to total store purchases and/or winning auction bids (less any shipping costs, as these are not considered in the declared value). As a result, each customer will be responsible for paying his/her own country taxes, duties and brokerage fees, which will be collected upon delivery. Again, we aplogize for these additional costs, but we cannot afford the penalties and fines that come with breaking customs' we have to strictly abide by them.

Thank you again for your continued support and as is always the case, we will work hard to gain your trust as a responsible and fair trader of bicycle parts. To this end, if we ever fall short of this pledge, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make every effort to correct any problem.


Scott and Patty

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  • Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  • Payment: We accept payments through Paypal within 10 calendar days of the purchase date. Should you need more time to make a payment, please contact us before placing an order.

  • Returns: Since most of the items we offer are either new-old-stock or second-hand (used) items, they are typically sold without any warranty from the manufacturer. However, if we describe an item inaccurately or if you simply make a mistake and purchase the wrong part, we will work with you to correct any problems. This includes a 30-day return policy from the date of purchase where we will offer a full refund of the purchase price (or an equivalent exchange), as long as the product is returned to us in the same condition as when it left our shop.

  • Shipping: We will ship anywhere in the world that United States Postal Services (USPS) includes in their service area, subject to certain package size limitations for some countries, and we will combine items to save on shipping charges whenever possible. We generally ship orders within a couple of days of payment and will notify customers if there will be a delay. Shipping charges are based on estimated weights and/or package dimensions using postal rates and do not reflect any packaging or handling fees.

    For our US customers, we prefer shipping orders with USPS Priority service (or for extremely light packages, First Class service). We will also make USPS Media Mail service available for reference materials.

    For our international customers, we prefer shipping orders with standard USPS Priority Mail International service, because this is a trackable and insurable service...and includes some insurance/indemnity coverage according to package weight for no additional charge. We will also ship smaller/lighter/less expensive orders with USPS First Class International service or USPS Priority Mail International Small Box/Envelope flat rate service, because these services are generally less expensive for smaller/lighter packages. Please keep in mind; however, USPS will not track or insure First Class International packages or Priority Mail International Small Box/Envelope flat rate packages, so there is no ability to track/locate such packages in the event they are lost and no recourse with USPS when this occurs (so more risk of loss using this service). The USPS website states that standard Priority Mail International service will take approximately two weeks for delivery and this reflects our experience, except during certain holiday periods when there may be additional delays. As for First Class International service and Priority Mail International Small Box/Envelope flat rate service, our experience generally indicates these services are slower (relative to the standard Priority Mail International service).

    We handle shipping of larger items in a different manner. For domestic packages, United Parcel Service (UPS) generally offers the lowest ground shipping rates for oversized packages (frames, wheels, etc.) in the continental US. Our experience also indicates this service is generally more timely than the similarly priced USPS Parcel Post ground service. For these reasons, we will list UPS standard ground service as the first domestic shipping option. We will also include USPS Parcel Post ground service and USPS Priority Mail service as options, as these USPS services are usually less expensive domestic options outside the continental US (i.e., Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico). It's also worth noting if cost is not as much of an issue, then USPS Priority Mail service is generally the most timely of the domestic shipping options. International shipping requirements vary for larger packages (including size limitations from country to country). As a result, international customers should contact us before purchasing larger items (frames, wheels, etc.). We are then able to research shipping options to determine if we are able to ship a particular oversized item to your country and then provide an accurate shipping quote. This way we will avoid any confusion or misunderstanding with respect to international shipping of oversized packages.

    Please use the Ebay shipping calculator within each listing to compute your shipping charge. If purchasing more than one item, please contact us for a shipping quote before you pay for a combined order (as we do offer shipping discounts on multiple purchases). The Ebay shipping calculator will provide a shipping charge for a combined order, but it will typically compute a higher rate because it adds the product and packaging weight for each individual item. In contrast (and to each customer's benefit), we only consider the combined product weight and a single packaging weight, which usually results in a slightly lower overall shipping charge. For this reason, when purchasing multiple items, we ask that you contact us following your purchases and before you make your payment (as this is our most effective way to ensure you receive a properly discounted shipping charge for your combined order).

  • Insurance: Insurance charges, like shipping charges, are based solely on our out-of-pocket expense and according to the value of the order. Insurance is available to any domestic and most international locations. We have come across a few instances where insurance was not available to selected international destinations, but this is a fairly rare occurrence. In these cases, we will communicate with each international customers directly regarding such insurance/indemnity limitations. Please also note that while insurance will protect each customer from the risk of loss while a package is en route to it's final destination, insurance will not eliminate the risk of loss resulting from theft, once a package has been delivered and if it's left unattended.

    For our US customers, we will insure all orders.

    For our international customers that select the First Class International shipping option (for smaller/lighter/less expensive orders) , please keep in mind USPS will not insure First Class International packages and there is no ability to track/locate such packages in the event they are lost while en route (so more risk of loss using this service).

    For our international customers that select the Priority Mail International shipping option, this service includes some indemnity coverage (at no additional charge) according to package weight. In those cases where an international order value exceeds this indemnity limit, we will purchase additional insurance where available.

  • Customs (International): The declared value for all orders required to clear customs will be the total of your store purchases and/or winning auction bids (less any shipping costs, as these are not considered in the declared value). Each order will be declared as a "retail sale" and we cannot deviate from this practice. We have learned that altering customs documents to declare retail sales as something other than a sale (i.e., to declare as a "gift" or "warranty item") is a crime that carries severe penalties (including possible jail sentences and significant fines). As a result, please do not ask us to alter customs documents, as we will not make any exceptions to our stated policy. You are also responsible for paying all related taxes and brokerage fees, which will be collected upon delivery.

  • Sales Tax (Domestic): We are required to collect sales tax from each customer located in our home state and remit such tax payments to our state department of revenue. We do not tax shipping charges, because such charges are specified separately on your invoice and are not taxable (which is allowable under current rules). You are responsible for paying all sales taxes, when applicable, and this amount will be automatically computed and added to your order at check-out.

  • Responsibility: Please be careful when installing and using items purchased from us. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have, but in the end, we cannot be held responsible for improper installation or use of any item purchased from us. We recommend that you always consult with a qualified bicycle mechanic for the installation of bicycle components.