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  • Ideas for using your Movie Screen
The Vision Experience

The Vision Experience

Ideas For Using Your Movie Screen

Ideas For using you Movie Screen

We are considering purchasing one of your complete movie systems to expand our rental business. We know these screens are very popular for movie rentals. Can you give us some ideas on other ways these screens can be used for a rental Business?

One of the most exciting benefits with an inflatable movie system is that its possibilities and uses continue to expand and grow everyday. Technology is providing new ways to use these multimedia systems all of the time.

Below is a list of some of the ways VXP’s all inclusive systems have been used.

From private backyard movie nights to Drive-Ins and Movies in the Park with 1000’s of people, outdoor movies have never been popular.

Cable, TV and Satellite

For the big Superbowl party, Oscars night or any televised event, VXP’s systems can be easily adapted to accept Cable, TV and Satellite inputs.

- by taking the video signal directly from a camera, VXP’s big screens can be used at concerts, conventions, fairs and countless live events.

Local sporting events

This takes the live feed to the next level. From local football games to rodeos. VXP’s all inclusive systems have been used to show the live action on the field, show instant replays, project sponsor logos and commercials, and even show a movie on the field after the game.


Inflatable movie screens work excellent as a temporary billboard. With the easy clip on screen design, you can use the inflatable frame to hang a sign or a banner during the day, and at night you can remove the banner and clip on the movie screen and project your billboard.

PowerPoint Presentations

-outside devices such as laptops can be easily be connected to our systems. For business and corporate presentations these screens can be ideal. Particularly at company retreats and other creative business meeting locations where portability is a must.

This is the hottest item on the market today. With interactive video game systems like the Wii, the potential rental market has exploded.  For a kid to be able to play his favorite video game on a huge screen with a big sound system, video game parties are the most popular new thing today.

For example, the Wii video game is completely wireless and allows the game player to directly adapt their movements to the video game character directly. By holding a controller in each hand (the size of a small TV remote), one game allows them to make the left hand shield and the right hand a sword. In bowling, baseball, boxing, tennis and golf, you do the same motions and watch the character on the screen perform the same actions. The Wii video system can easliy plug into any of VXP's Gen 5 AV Workstations..

As video gaming technology improves, so will the big screen video game experience. In our AV2 system we include a new skate board that the player’s stands on to control the Tony Hawk skate board game, as well as surfing and snow boarding games. There is a new golf simulator that allows the player to swing at a golf ball full force with their own clubs. The information is transferred into the Tiger Woods golf game. We have sold several screens just for this golf feature alone. This golf feature is also included in our prewired AV2 system. One question commonly asked about Video Games is how to involve many kids at the same time. One video game tournament party design is set up as follows;

You place your big screen in the center. This is the main screen with the big cinematic sound and big screen projection. This is where every kid wants to end up. Now place two TVs on each side of the main screen with the Wii set ups. Now each player has to go through 2 rounds on the small screens for a chance to play on the big inflatable movie screen. The Wii allows up to 4 players at a time. With larger crowds you can add additional side systems. There have been events with several large screens from 6 ft up to 30 ft which presents a much more dramatic tournament setting.

When a kid goes to a Video game party he is definitely going to want a big screen video system for his next party. The private party market for video games is huge but it does not stop with kids parties.

Corporate party rentals are where the money is. Party planners are always looking for something new and fresh to offer their clients. With VXP’s all inclusive AV systems, here are some party ideas.

As guest arrives you project a company welcome banner, candid photos and video clips during the cocktail hour. During speeches and presentations you project a video signal on to the big screen. During the meal you play video clips from special guests they could not attend the party. This could include a message from the president, or messages from other company locations. For a private party such as a wedding this can be very affective. You can collect messages from all of the special guests that could not attend the wedding without the bride knowing. At dinner you play the messages for a successful party moment.

Big screen entertainment such as big screen karaoke, having a DJ play music videos is just the beginning. With multiple Wii systems you can set up a virtual bowling alley, golf courses and more. If you are having a company party at two locations at the same night, and the locations are too far apart, you can set up a screen and camera at each location. This brings the two parties together. With a live web cam people can even talk to each other on the big screens.

Consideration and Trade

With a VXP All inclusive system you have the ability to open up a while new world in front of you. When you have a free night, take your screen out to a children’s Hospital or a charity. First, it is a good thing to do and way to give back, but you will also get lots of free publicity.

With an inflatable movie screen you have a highly desired item. You can contact all of your vendors such as advertising and publicity, and offer them trade for services. The options on this category are also endless.

The options and the possibilities grow each and every day. If you are looking for a movie screen for business or personal use they will never become dated or obsolete. It will actually be the opposite; they will become more relevant, and have more uses as time goes on