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The Vision Experience

VXPs VERSASTRETCH Movie Screen Benefits

With all of the different types of Movie Screens out there, why do you use your VersaStretch Movie Screens with your inflatables. Do I need a different screen for outdoors vs. indoors and front projection vs. rear projection? VXP's DS Pro Inflatable Movie Frames can have any kind of custom screen made for it.  We strongly suggest our VersaStrect Movie Screens which are specially designed for outdoor use. They also have the ability and flexibility to adapt to the many different conditions you will encounter every time you set up your inflatable movie screens.

In the world of Movie Screens there are now screens that specialize in one particular feature even though they may function poorly or not at all for other important features. For instance, there are front projection screens that provide the best quality for front projection. This is perfect for a permanent instillation such as a movie theater. What this screen does not provide is rear projection, breathability for wind, the ability to fold up and re-hang without damage to the screen and creating permanent creases and wrinkles, easy cleaning, and reasonable replacement cost... and more.

VXP’s challenge with inventing our VersaStretch Movie screens  was to bring together all of the features from all of the expensive specialty movie screens, and include all of the performance features required for an outdoor movie screen on and inflatable frame.

With this challenge we found a perfect balance between quality, performance, features, and cost.

Below is a list of the VersaStretch features:
  • this is one of the most important features with large outdoor screens. A 20 ft screen that does not allow wind to pass through it becomes a powerful sale. A 20ft sale will push a good size boat. Without extremely heavy metal trussing, or beefing up the inflatable frame a four time the weight, a non breathable screen is not an option. The VersaStretch Movie screen has excellent breatability proprieties which allows us to keep the inflatable frame weight at a reasonable level and use the lighter 110 Volt blowers. Also - 1 blower will hold all of our screen up (we include 2 blowers for extra wind conditions with every package over 10 feet)

  • This single screen allows you to both front and rear project on it. This is a great feature to have in one simple screen. Because the screen has the ability to reflect light from the rear, a common question is how to handle ambient light when you are front projecting. This might be a concern if you are front projecting and your screen set up with a street light behind it. This is easily fixed by hanging a black drape behind the screen. Our inflatable frames have rings that you can easily attach any draping tool. The quality of the projected image when you front or rear project will not be as good as the specialty screens. But the compromise in an exchange for all of the features are well worth it. We have used these screens at countless events with only the highest reviews. Because projectors have advanced dramatically with increased resolution, brightness and major price drops most people that purchase one of our movie screen systems are using a projector considerably better then just a couple short years ago. Projector technology alone has made are VersaStretch Movie screens even better. One way of rating a movie screen is by measuring the gain. This is a measure of reflected light. With a movie screen that front and rear projects and has breathability, the game is going to be lower then the specialty screens. Because people can get a projector twice as  bright with better color, contrast, and resolution, for considerably less cost from even a year or two ago, this feature alone makes the gain level on VersaStretch movie screens more then acceptable. Especially when you add in all of the other features.

  • Portable and Wrinkle free- Because our VersaStretch Movie screen has a stretchable characteristic, it sets up 100% wrinkle free every time. These screens have a black border for sharp edges and easily clip on and off our inflatable frames. For easy transport all you do is stuff the screen in its included carry bag. There is no folding, no special care, no creases to worry about.
  • Machine Washable- Performance Movie screens need to handle high volume use. The screen is going to get dirty. Spot cleaning the 20 ft screen simply doesn’t work. You can clean the main spots and then you are usually left with tinny bright spot where you just cleaned. A screen that has to be dry cleaned or hand cleaned is a combersum and expensive process. Also because of the difficulty the screen will simply be cleaned less then it should.

VXP is a company that does 100s of events and realizes the importance of easy to clean movie screen. When you purchase the versaStretch Movie screen your cleaning instructions will read as follows:

To clean your movie screen machine wash on gentle cycle with any mile detergent.
  • Reasonable Replacement Cost- Setting up your portable outdoor movie theatre at events with 100s or even 1000s of people on a regular basis does involve some screen damage risk. This could be human error as your crew can accidentally damage your screen beyond repair or something could happen at one of your events. Regardless when you purchase a VersaStretch Movie screen, we have a discounted replacement cost. Our screens are already much less expensive then the specialty screens to begin with.

  • Additional features- Our VersaStretch screens include a California State fire cert. and we can make custom sizes. We use the VersaStretch Screens for 2 separate styles. The black trim fixed border as you see on our inflatable frames is the formal style. We also have a creative cut style. This is without any fixed trim border at all. If you look at our VersaStretch Movie Screen section on the eBay store you will see how this style can be stretched into different shapes and configurations.

True practicality is what VersaStretch Movie screens are all about. All of the features that we put into our screens are invaluable to present this screen at its amazing price point truly sets us apart.