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  • How to Put Shoe Charms into Shoes

Want to buy the Shoe-Doodles but are uncertain how they work or how to insert the charms into the holes?

Here is how it is done...

See how the back of the charm is an oval shaped black piece?  That black part of the charm is the part that will be stuck through the hole on the shoe.


1. Put one end of the back oval piece into the hole (from the top of the shoe).


2. Then push that end over as far as it will go, then pop the other side of the back oval piece into the hole.  The center the charm over the center of the hole.


Once the back oval piece is in place, it will not come out of the hole until made to because the hole is round and the charm back is oval.  To remove the charm from the shoe, just reverse the steps above.

3. Now insert as many charms as you want into any pair of soft clogs!


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