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 Patent Place USA collectible art prints are original patents from inventors and inventions of woodworking tools, clocks, toy games, rides, farm tractors, sports, music, weapons, smoking pipes, transportation, juke boxes, vending machines, mechanical banks, Ford, Tucker, Edison, Wright Bros. and more
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Patent Place USA Q&A's
You have questions!  We have answers! 

Below are a few questions we have received from our customers over the years and our best stab at an answer.  If you have other questions, please drop us a line at PatentPlaceUSA@Gmail.com so we can get you an answer.  Who knows, we just might add it to our list!  Thanks!

Q : Just what is a Patent Art Print?
A : That's a great question that we have answered fully on our PATENT DETAILS PAGE.

Q : Is this a blueprint, plan, or something I can use to build this item or have it produced?
A : A patent art print is none of these things and with it you will likely not learn all the details used to produce the item. Patent art prints are for displaying as art or for research, not for production.

Q : You mention on some of your patent art prints that it is a 'Design Patent".  What does that mean? 
A : There are several types of US Patents, but the two we sell are:

  • DESIGN PATENTS are those patents which cover only the looks of the patented item, and the print tends to be a page or two of illustration, with little, if any, text.  These are usually very cool prints and are great for display.hat's a great questions that we have answered fully on our Patent Detail Page.
  • UTILITY PATENTS are those patents which cover most of the patents, usually have a few illustration pages and a complete explanation of the unique aspect of the invention.

Q : Once I purchase a patent art print, do I own the rights to produce the item?
A : In most cases, the protection granted by the US Government to the original inventor has long since expired.  In other words, most of these items are in the public domain.  In a few cases we offer patent art prints for items that are still under patent protection ... the rights to produce the items are not being transferred with any of the patent art prints we sell.

Q : Once I purchase a patent art print, do I own the right to reproduce the print?
A : Our patent art prints are protected under US Copyright law and should not be reproduced.

Q : Will the purchase of a patent art print cause me to: lose weight, re-grow hair, stop smoking, increase my stamina or make me wealthy?
A : Of course!!  And the effects seem to be amplified with each additional print purchased!  (Please note that these results are not typical, this is not a guarantee, and this statement is not valid in Alaska or Hawaii.  Results may vary)

Q : What exactly am I purchasing?  Will I receive an actual Colt Revolver or PEZ dispenser or Pocket Fisherman (or whatever this patent is?)
A : We sell ART which is derived from historic US Patents.  These are fascinating PRINTS on parchment paper of the original patent.  If you are seriously asking this question, you really need to take a few minutes and go study our PATENT DETAILS PAGE.

Q : Do you have other items?  I thought I saw something here before but now I can't find it?  Where did it go?
A : We have thousands (yes, you heard right) of patent art prints in our archives, and the entire inventory of the US Patent Office at our fingertips.  We rotate a thousand or so items in and out of our eBay store every month, and we display a huge collection of our items on our eBay hosted website.  Due to eBay's rules and regulations, we can only post the link to our off eBay site once, which can be found on our ABOUT THE SELLER PAGE.  If you still can't find the item you are looking for, drop us a line at PatentPlaceUSA@Gmail.com and we will do a search for you, free of charge.  

Q : How much is shipping and handling?
A : Currently our USPS First Class shipping to the US is only $2.99, no matter how many patent prints you purchase at one time. However, please review the shipping details on the item you are interested in purchasing, as there are other options available.  We are also happy to ship overseas and only charge a single s&h fee no matter how many patent prints you purchase.  So order multiples at the same time and pay only a single s&h fee.  

Q : Who are you?  Is this an American company, a large multi-national corporation, or someone connected with the Illuminati or the New World Order?
A : My name is Jandy, which is a name my dad saw on a toy store in Dayton, OH where I was born and raised.  My husband, Scott, and I now reside in NC where I home schooled our youngest daughter and decided I better find something to occupy my time since my daughter was on her way to graduate.  Researching patents is something my husband and I have been doing for years, and combined with my love of publishing and interior design ... a small business was formed.  The entire story is told on my ABOUT THE SELLER PAGE ... and we can talk more at the next NWO meeting should you have any questions.  ;) 

Q : What is your return policy?
A : Just like you, we are not excited by the thought of returns, but just like you, we understand that there are times that returns are necessary.  If you feel you need to return your purchase, we ask that you first drop us a note explaining the reason for the return within 14 days of your purchase.  We will issue a refund of the purchase price upon return of the product, minus the PayPal and s&h costs that we incurred as a result of your purchase.  If you are having doubts prior to making a purchase, we suggest you review our eBay feed-backs, all of our FAQ's and our PATENT DETAILS PAGE before you purchase.

Q : Will you combine shipping on multiple items purchase? 
A : YES! In fact, pay one s&h charge no matter how many patent art prints you purchase. Unlike many others, we don't treat s&h as a cash cow.

Q : I've just clicked on the Buy it now button for the one item, but I may want to add more items.  is it OK to wait to pay for everything at once?
A : Absolutely!  Who doesn't like to shop?  Purchase all you want, then request a total from us before paying and we will combine all purchases so you can make one simple payment.

Q : What if I don't have a PayPal account?
A : Well, now is a good time to get one!  It is free, secure, and will allow you to make purchases without a hitch.  You may also use a credit card on our site by using the PayPal service.  

Still have more questions? 
Contact us at