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 Fantastic new and used clothing and New Pleaser shoes- We always offer 4 or more item FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING- We are usually available to answer your questions fast 24/7


    We still offer 4 or more item FREE SHIPPING

    Feedback is very important to us. We know it is important to you also
    We DO NOT automatically leave feedback,many of our buyers do not want it to protect their identities. I WILL GLADLY LEAVE YOU FEEDBACK if you request it
    Feedback and a 5 star rating is VERY important to us as it determines our ebay fees, high ratings allow us to continue to offer deals and 4 or more item free shipping.
    If you have any problems with your order PLEASE CONTACT ME before leaving feedback and allow me to correct the problem.

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  • Crossdress​er Info and keyword

We use the "crossdresser" keyword in our items for the purpose of searching for our transgendered and cross dresser buyers
Our items are just normal items of clothing and nothing has been changed or altered and the measurements are accurate
A cross dresser can be the guy next door , a college professor, Judges , politicians , truck drivers or members of the military, I use to have a regular buyer who was a Sargent in the Australian military
Just a few misconceptions most people don't know
Most cross dressers are normal people with a higher sense of their feminine side , Most are married with children , 95% are not gay , Most crossdressers are not what you see on Jerry Springer , those are transvestites , there is a difference. Cross dressers also tend to be some of the nicest people you will meet and most of the time you will not even know that they are cross dressers. Cross dressing is not a sickness or disease , It has now been pretty much established that no treatment or counseling can "cure" it , Also if you have it , You have it for life , it never goes away. It effects every person differently , from mild maybe once a year dressing to full out transgenderism that involves the whole ball of wax including surgery, Some cross dressers have no problem shopping in public , but we are here for those that want a safe and very discreet way of buying clothing , shoes and other items. We also offer diversity in items , Most other TG friendly sites specialize in clubwear or the Jerry Springer side of transgenderism , We offer the "normal" looks and also theme outfits , Ren fair , schoolgirl, secretary , 50s looks , 60s looks and many others
If you are looking for a special outfit or look , just let me know and I'll try to find it for you , I design almost all of my outfits from separates and I'm always looking for special or unique dresses or outfits
I also try to design "user friendly" outfits that can be mixed and matched
Many of my items have stretch measurements, I take a normal wear measurement and then also list the size range that the item will fit with minimal stretch
I list items as Medium or Large but these are simply guides , please use the measurements, normally I list
Waist size 30-35 inches
waist size 36-40
as 40-44 inches
Even with the us postal increase I still offer 4 clothing items shipped for $9.99. I will also be running weekly specials and bargain priced items