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 Specializing in accessories including Xikar, Cigar Caddy, Humidors, Colibri, Lotus, Vertigo by Lotus, Bugatti & Porsche Design lighters, Cigar Tech, Ciguardian, Dr. RH by Alec Bradley and Cigar Tech humidor solution and humidifiers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we ship internationally?

A. Yes, we do ship internationally. We ship via USPS Mail, insured.

Q. Duty and Customs Charges

A. Duty and Customs charges are the responsibility of the purchaser and vary from country to country. We've tried to figure out the expected charges but have not been able to do so reliably, it seems that some packages are sent through without the additional charge while others incur these fees - there really seems to be no consistency to the process. Most importantly, by law we are required to list the sale price accurately on the form, please don't ask us to under value the item to possibly avoid the fees - it is illegal and something that we cannot do. Please note: eBay shipments have been identified as the biggest abuser of this system and may currently be under closer scrutiny than before.

Q. International customers - please be aware that we cannot ship lighter fuel outside of the United States. Stringent shipping regulations - if your purchase includes "free fuel" we will substitute an item of equal or greater value to compensate for this. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Q. What do we do if our international package has not arrived?

A. We have found that most times the package is waiting for you to pick it up at either the local customs office, or your local post office. The post office will tell you that they have sent a notice to you indicating this, however most times it is reported that the notice has never been received. If you need the customs declaration number please contact us, we will be happy to help you any way that we can.

Q. Do we combine shipping?

A. Yes, absolutely. We strive to offer fair shipping costs in line with reasonable and fast shipping times.

Q. How do I combine my purchases to take advantage of the shipping discount?


  • This is really easy but eBay doesn't come out and tell you how.
  • Purchase all of the items you wish to purchase from us, but do not proceed to check out until all of the items are in your cart.
  • Once you have all of your purchases in your cart, proceed to check out by proceeding to pay on any of the items.
  • You will be presented with a screen that shows all of the items you have purchased from us.
  • Check off all of the items and under to total for the order you will see a recalc link.
  • Once you click this link the screen should refresh and the shipping total should be accurate.
  • On occasion we have found that the shipping total is not correct, don't worry just back out of the payment page - once we see the order we will send you an accurate invoice.

Q. I can't get my new lighter to light, what do I do?


  • Empty the lighter – I use a sports ball needle and a pair of pliers. Hold it upside down, right side up, sideways, etc… You are trying to get all of the fuel and trapped air out of the chamber.
  • Get the lighter & fuel to room temperature.
  • Now turn the adjustment valve down to almost off.
  • Hold the lighter upside down and push the fuel nozzle into valve and wait until you don’t hear fuel filling any longer. I do this 2, or 3 times, to pack as much fuel into the chamber as possible.
  • Now turn the adjustment up to about ¾ open.
  • Slowly push down the igniter until you hear gas escaping, and THEN push all the way down to generate a spark. You may need to do this a few more times to get all of the air out of the jets and the fuel lines. [FYI - If you keep trying to light the lighter and it doesn't fire you end up creating carbon monoxide around the jets, and igniter; without clean air the lighter will never light]
  • You should now be able to adjust the flame height to where you like it.

If this doesn't get it please repeat – if it doesn't work the first time it always works the second time for me.

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