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You can rest assure that all our diamonds are conflict free and abide global international standards.

Being a member of two of the main diamond exchanges of the world: Antwerp (Belgium) and Ramat-gan (Israel), we are obligated to deal only with conflict free diamonds, under the Kimberly Agreement (1st Jan 2003).

Although we are confident in the quality and value of our products, our return policy allows you to return or exchange. You may return any of your purchased items, for any reason within 30 days of purchase; you will receive a full refund.

We will also pay for shipping the item back to us!

In order to qualify for a refund you must follow these steps: The returned product must be received back in our offices within 30 days from date of purchase.
You must first contact us within 3 days and let us know of your intentions. We than will provide you with the return address.
You must attach with the diamond all the original documents that came with it, plus the original certificate! And it must be shipped to us within its original packaging After you ship the package please provide us with the tracking number.
Once we receive the package we open it for inspection, and only then we will issue a refund within 24 hours.
PayPal transactions will be refunded to the account used for the initial transaction We will then cancel the transaction. You have confirm the cancellation email that you will receive from eBay.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions or concerns. We will be happy to assist you.

You can pay in one of the following ways:
1. PayPal: The safest, most protected payment gateway available online.
Paypal accept most credit cards. The options are made available to you by Paypal, and are all under Paypal's buyer protection program.

2. In some cases, we also accept a direct bank transfer Payment is required within 3 days of the end of the auction or order of fixed price listing.

We understand that buying online is not so easy these days, with many uncertainties on every purchase, especially when it comes to luxury goods that have high emotional value.
As always, your trust and confidence is our main goal, so we are here for you to do the best we can in order to meet your expectations.

We use the best materials and craftsmanship to be able to provide you with reliable, high quality and genuine pieces of art.
We care about each and every one of our customers, and always aim to provide you with 100% satisfaction. Thus, we will accept returns for any reason, and will issue a refund as well as cover the return's shipping costs.

For further return instructions, please review the returns policy tab.

We are continuously working on improving our shipping process. Over the years selling and shipping internationally, we have devised several key points to our process – to make sure each customer receives his/her order as quickly and as safely as possibly. Your satisfaction is our main goal and peace of mind is our main goal.

• Free shipping worldwide: using FedEx door-to-door, signature required, insured shipping – all at no additional cost to you.
Please note, U.S. customers are not subject to any extra charges, but in other countries, you may be charged for additional fees (Most of the time only VAT). For more information, please check with local authorities.
• Insurance coverage: all deliveries are covered for their purchase amount, so you can rest assure that the item is receives full, door-to-door protection.
• Personal delivery: the delivery personnel are instructed to deliver the parcel personally to you, and you alone.
• Quick transit: delivery usually takes 3 to 8 business days (not including holidays and weekends), depending on the shipping address.

Our goal is for you to receive the item as quickly as possible, however, you might experience some delays due to customs delays, freight carrier technical issues or severe weather conditions.
We will do our best to let you know of anything out of the ordinary in such cases.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions or special requests.

Our top of the line technology for diamond enhancement, and our expert in-house craftsmen allow us to provide you with a LIFETIME ENHANCEMENT WARRANTY.

CLARITY ENHANCED DIAMONDS ARE 100% NATURAL DIAMONDS! It is truly rare when diamonds are mined from the ground and found without imperfections. These flaws, or feathers, cause the diamond to lose a great amount of its clarity. The result is light being reflected off in many directions and not facet to facet as it should be. The enhancement process takes a diamond with a visible imperfection and makes the imperfection invisible to the naked eye. Some of The imperfection remains in the diamond but it can no longer be seen.

By utilizing our revolutionary laser enhancing (drilling out the black natural carbon inclusions) and filling process (to cover microscopic cracks), no visual trace is left, and no weight is added. You are left with a genuine rock that looks much better, and has a higher value yet much lower price than non-enhanced diamonds.

Enhanced diamonds are totally natural and come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds.

Only your trained jeweler will ever know that you own a natural Clarity Enhanced Diamond.

Clarity enhancement process, doesn't only improve the diamond's appearance, but also leaves it as strong as it was before and most importantly - allows light to bounce around inside the diamond.

As a result, we can offer you visually stunning diamonds for the price of 20-50% less than similar looking non-enhanced diamonds. You can either save money or purchase a bigger, more beautiful diamond.

COLOR ENHANCEMENT - THE EB COLOR PROCESS The EB Color Process is able to enhance the color of a diamond in the same way that it would happen in nature.

In the natural process, impurities and imperfections within the diamond can be affected by heat and pressure miles below the surface of the earth. The carbon atoms in the diamond will be replaced by foreign elements, like Boron or Nitrogen. As these atoms change, the crystal structure is rearranged causing white light to be dispersed into different wavelengths.

The EB Process imitates nature by replacing the heat, pressure and time below the earth with a simple accelerated electron beam. The end result is the same. The electron beam forces the Boron and Nitrogen atoms to replace some of the Carbon atoms. The Crystal structure is then rearranged. The white light gets dispersed, and we're then able to see a variety of beautiful vivid colors. There is nothing artificial added, and the color is permanent. The process does not use radiation, and there is no residual radioactivity. It is completely safe and complies with all U.S. federal regulations.

When you buy from Zamir, you become a distinguished member of our customers community.
We are dedicated to providing top of the line service for you, your loved ones and friends throughout the years, accompanying you on your most special and memorable moments.

As part of our services package, we offer you a unique upgrade program.
After buying from us, you can always upgrade your purchase for a higher level piece.
1- Contact us and let us know you are a loyal customer that wishes to upgrade, in order to receive our approval to begin the upgrade process.
2- Choose an item from our store, that you'd like to exchange for. Send us the link of your choice.
3- Make sure the item you wish to upgrade to has a market value that is at least 75% higher than your original purchase.
4- We will contact you to finalize the upgrade-purchase details.

Customize your item for a special loved one or a special event.

Write us what you wish to be engraved on the item to cherish your unique moment in life.
We also offer special customization of jewelry and diamonds – contact us for details.