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We apologize but we are on vacation and will be suspending our Ebay operations temporarily.

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Atlantel is proud to sell new and refurbished Small business Phone Equipment and NOW Enterprise IT Equipment on Ebay.

Contact us at or 800-637-9973 extension 5018 or direct 404-969-5018
Para hablar con alguiem en español 800-637-9973 ext 5015 o directo 404-969-5015

Founded in 1991, Atlantel began in the basement-apartment of current owner, Glenn Murer. With helper Carman Brown, he personally sold and installed approximately 70 refurbished AT&T Merlin telephone systems to small businesses in the Atlanta area within the first year. Beginning with no real net worth, funding was provided by borrowing from family and friends.

Murer was very excited, believing the AT&T Merlin to be a truly great system. You could say he loved everything Merlin, but part of the underlying affection was about having a steady income. His enthusiasm led to learning the processes required to test and refurbish telephones and systems. As a perfectionist, his exacting standards translated into great looking and functioning refurbished equipment. After the operation moved into a small industrial space in 1993, the focus began to shift from end-user sales to wholesale equipment sales and brokerage. Through advertisements in trade publications Telecom Gear and The Mart, Atlantel began to build a customer base of interconnects (dealer/installers). The business grew exponentially in part because Murer and his handful of employees had a strong desire to make friends and give the customer a great experience. Since Atlantel started out doing the same thing as our wholesale customers (selling to end-users), it was easy to understand their needs. One obvious necessity was to provide new-looking telephones that functioned properly and at reasonable prices. Murer knew that his wholesale customer would be judged by the phone they placed on the desk of their end-user customer. Working both sides of the fence proved to be an advantage. The combination of professionalism, high-quality and great warranty service resonated with customers, resulting in sales in excess of 100 million dollars so far.

After many years of having a website for identity purposes, Atlantel rolled-out a true e-commerce site in late 2009. Hesitation to join the internet age was due largely to loyalty to our installer/dealer customer base. For years Murer felt as though we would undermine those responsible for our success by potentially selling wholesale to their end-user customers and bypassing them. The recent decision to sell wholesale on the internet came with the realization that the cat has long been out of the bag. Anyone who chooses to buy wholesale on the internet will do so regardless of whether Atlantel is present or not. Survival dictates that we change with the times.

2010 and beyond:
Now in our 19th year of business, we sell more than just phone systems. Atlantel Supply is being launched in January of 2010 to eventually provide all of an installer’s needs. Beginning with an extensive line of connectivity (cable & jacks), power and surge protection products, video surveillance systems and high quality tools and accessories, the line will continue to expand based on customer’s needs.