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About Guitars in the Classroom (GITC)

Guitars in the Classroom (or GITC - "git-see" for short) is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization that provides free professional development programs for teachers and school staff working with children of all ages. We show participants how to play guitar, sing, lead music for learning with their students, and how to write songs with students that enhance and deepen their learning experience in every subject area. Teachers learn to select, adapt, or compose songs to integrate into academic lessons they plan to teach. This is the meaning of Music Integration. Learning to play guitar is a core part of GITC training and we supply guitars and music accessories to teachers at no charge, thanks to our sponsors.

GITC was originally founded in 1998 in California and has now grown to serve as a resource for integrating music in schools in twenty-six states. Our programs make it possible for Pre-k through 12th grade teachers and students to have daily access to learning through music in their general classrooms. Over 9,000 educators have participated in GITC's weekly trainings, and approximately 800,000 students now benefit from learning many subjects through song. 78% of the teachers we serve work in Title I schools with a high percentage of underprivileged and "at risk" students. More than half teach children with special needs as well as students from other cultures who are learning to read, write and speak English as a second language. Music provides an important key to helping them all to succeed in school and embrace their dreams. For more information, visit




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