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Before buying an item from this seller, one commits him- or herself to read this sellers full return policy.

This sellers return policy is as following:

- when buying an item the buyer accepts the sellers full return policy.

- when buying an item, the buyer has the obligation and commits him- or herself to respect and act to the sellers return policy,

- to accept the sellers no-return policy when No Return Accepted is stated in the description

If the buyer wants to sent the item back, the buyer has the obligation

- to point out in writing through an Ebay-message to the seller on which point(s) the item is not as described,

- to inform the seller about his or her intention to return the item bought,

- to do so within 3 days after receiving the item,

- to ship the item within 7 days after receiving it,

- to pack the item as a solid and safe package, with care and responsibility,

- to ship the item with registration, priority and tracking

- and if wanted for the buyers own protection, to ship with insurance, - to pay for the return shipment.

If the item is as described or if the buyer has not provided a correct or incomplete shipping address,or if the buyer changes his- of her mind

- the buyer commits him- or herself to provide and opt the true reason of returning the item on Ebay and/or at the Ebay Resolution Center.

- the buyer accepts the costs of the original shipping and a 15% restocking fee as compensation of the sellers Ebay- and Paypal fees to be deducted from the saleprice,

- to accept that the seller will first have to receive the item returned to able the seller to whether or not confirm, the item is the item sold and shipped to the buyer before the seller initiates a return payment or partial refund,

- to forfeit buyers claims on a return payment or partial refund if the item returned is not the item sold or when the item has been damaged after being received by the buyer,

- to claim damage caused during shipment from the shipping provider which delivered or attempted to deliver a package to the buyer,

- to accept a delay in return payment or partial refund if the package is lost during shipment, to able the seller to start an official claim to the sellers shipping provider,

- to await and accept the outcome of the sellers claim to the sellers shipping provider if the item is lost during shipment.

- buyer and seller commit themselves to communicate through Ebay-messages or Ebay Resolution Center.


Extra added conditions to the sellers Return Policy for used antique and vintage camera’s, lenses and camera accessories:

when buying a used vintage or antique camera, lens or camera accessory, the buyer accepts the fact that such a used vintage technical item

- can have technical defects at any unpredictable moment,

- that such an used vintage item, even when described as perfect or good working at the moment of Ebay-listing or shipping after Ebay-sale, can fail at any unpredictable moment,

- the buyer accepts that he himself or she herself will have to arrange and pay for a technical service to have the technical condition restored for full use.

- before shipping the seller checkes the item as to be as described, if the item is not at that moment as described on the Ebay-listing, the seller will contact the buyer about this risen issue through Ebay Messages, buyer and/or seller will decide if it is better to cancel the transaction or not.

- the buyer will always allow the seller to cancel the transaction in these circumstances.


since July 13, 2016 we have been forced by Ebay Seller (non) Protection Policy to sell all used, vintage and antique camera's, lenses and accessories "AS IS", so, despite our description about condition as, for example "working, working good, working perfect, etc"., we no longer can garantee that the item received will be as good working as when listed and shipped. We are very sorry, but Ebay policy forces us to state that any used, vintage or antique analog camera, lens or accessory might need service after receiving it. A service might be needed if the buyer wants the item to work perfect at any time, for the coming period. Please do buy a new camera, lens or accessory, not a collectors item, if you want to have it functioning as a new one or if you want garantees as if it is new. We sell collectors items and some times, or even a lot of times, these old/vintage analog camera's, lenses and accessories do function very well after years of use, or years of not being used.