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About Deluxe CCTV

Deluxe CCTV is the leading manufacturer and distributor of video, audio surveillance, spy, covert cams, pepper sprays, hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and stun gun equipment, and has served more than two hundred thousand customer’s worldwide. As the industry's trusted source in video surveillance, Deluxe CCTV offers the latest technology in security solutions including IP video surveillance, closed circuit television, digital video recorders, integrated systems and much more. 

Additionally, Deluxe CCTV has the largest selection of covert surveillance equipment, spy equipment, and video surveillance available in North America and the markets most competitive prices. Complementing our extensive line of high quality products, Deluxe CCTV offers industry leading warranties and exceptional service that continue to set us apart from our competitors. Deluxe CCTV had worked with respected clients such as Donald Trump, Walt Disney World, Home Land Security, Polo Ralph Lauren, McDonalds, Quizno’s Subs, Subway, and over two hundred thousand other well know companies. 

With over 15 years of experience, Deluxe CCTV offers high quality products and expertise that few competitors can match. Benefits of doing business with Deluxe CCTV include: 

· 100% low price guarantee

· Quality products at competitive prices

· Industry leading product warranties 

· Lifetime technical support

· Huge in-stock inventory

· 14 day money back guarantee*

Over the course of the past fifteen years, we have helped a wide range of customers, including police departments, federal agencies, the United States Armed Forces, television stations, Home Land Security, Border Patrol, and thousands of private CCTV dealers around the country and the world. Our cameras have been featured on the hit TV show it takes a thief, Cops, and even helped monitor Sea worlds very own Shamu, and Shuka.


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