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Troubleshooting Guide

Keep in mind, your lamp may not be the problem. Though lamps do go bad from time to time, most of the lamps we receive back at our facility still work. Philips lamps have a .03% failure rate, which means only 3 out of 10,000 fail, or are Dead On Arrival. We trust the Philips brand as they have done extensive research into their lamps and even test them before they leave the factory.

UHP lamps are not dissimilar from regular incandescent lamps because they are both consumable parts and easy to install. They are different, however, because a UHP lamp features gap inside the filliment, which will cause it to always fail a continuity test. UHP lamps work more like a spark plug. The ballast will ignite the lamp with anywhere from 5,000-15,000 volts depending on the lamp type. Each lamp has a 1.0 mm or 1.3 mm arc gap. Make sure you've purchased the correct bulb if you still have problems with your television.

We can assist you with troubleshooting your television issues with your lamp or other faulty component such as the ballast or color wheel. To find a guide for your TV related solutions such as:
    - The TV doesn't turn on.
    - The TV turns on, but there is no picture, only sound.
    - The TV turns on, but the picture is distorted or pixilated.
    - The TV turns on, but the color is wrong, or off.
    - The TV turns on, but the shuts off after a few minutes.
    - The TV turns on, but there are black streaks, or bars along the edges.
    - The TV turns on, but there's a "blob" on the screen.
    - The TV turns on, but has dark spots around the edges.

please visit our Troubleshooting Guide! to know more about your TV related problems or give us a call at on our toll free number 877-392-3229.