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How many beads are in a 16" strand?

Bead sizes are usually given in millimeters.
Dimes are 18mm across.
Our beads are shown in relation to a dime.

Bead Size Chart

4mm (4 millimeters  ~ click for samples)
100 beads per 16" strand

6mm (6 millimeters - click for samples)
  65 beads per 16" strand

8mm (8 millimeters ~ click for samples)  
50 beads per 16" strand

10mm (10 millimeters ~ click for samples)
beads per 16" strand

12mm (12 millimeters ~ click for samples)
beads per 16" strand

14mm (14 millimeters ~ click for samples) 
beads per 16" strand

How to calculate Seed Bead sizes:

The higher the number, the smaller the bead.
Seed beads sizes are stated as strung beads per inch.

3/0 beads would be 4 per inch,
about 1/4 inch thick each.
(Crow rollers, pony beads)

6/0 beads would be about 8 per inch,
or 1/8 inch thick each.
(The popular "e" bead)

15/0 beads would be 18 per inch,
1/18 inch thick each. (Tiny)

This is a general guideline - seed bead sizes are still a little tricky,
even for me sometimes!

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