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Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: What is Sterling Silver?
  A: Sterling silver is a metal alloy that contains at least 92.5% silver(925 parts per thousand). The rest of the alloy is usually copper. There are a number of other standards used which range from 750 to 950 parts per thousand. Pure silver is very soft. By combining it with small amounts of other metals, silver items can be more durable.
 Q: What is Silver Plate?
  A: Silver plate is a base metal such as copper or nickel that is coated with a thin layer pure silver using electrolytic deposition.
 Q: What came first? The chicken or the egg?
  A: You got me. I get a good deal of emails on this one but no one has proven either yet!
 Q: How can I tell the difference between silver plated and solid silver items?
  A: North American pieces are usually stamped with the word ‘sterling”; European pieces are often marked with a series of symbols, known as hallmarks that indicate the fineness of their alloy. Other countries often stamp numbers such as 800, 900 or 925 to indicate fineness. If there are no marks indicating solid silver it can be very difficult to tell.
 Q: Is it okay to ask your reserve price?
  A: Oh, yes, yes, yes! Please ask. I will always share it.
 Q: In your opinion, what is the best breakfast you have ever had?
  A: Homemade French Toast using challah bread and a custard egg mixture, stuffed with mascarpone cheese, and topped with a homemade cinnamon syrup, fresh strawberries and powered sugar. Just let me know if you want the recipe (but don't forget to include your email address, because it's too long to send in an eBay message)!
 Q: Do you offer combined shipping?
  A: Oh sure! Not a problem at all. Please just send me quick email letting me know that you have purchased several items. I will then send you a revised invoice and you can pay at that time.
 Q: If a dog is traveling at the speed of light on a train bound for Quebec and meets up with a horse traveling to Dublin on a bus going 45 mph, what will their greeting sound like as they pass?
  A: Um...Right. I'll leave this one to the experts.
 Q: Is Ricotta cheese incredible on Pizza?
  A: Why, yes! Yes, it is.
 Q: If my item I buy from you is shipped by UPS and it falls off of a 200-foot cliff, onto train tracks, and rolls into a swamp, will the UPS driver go after it for me?
  A: Their customer service number is 1-800-742-5877 You better ask them directly. :)
 Q: Why is the shipping cost so high?
  A: For each listing, I enter in the weight and size of the package that I will be shipping in. If you feel the shipping estimate is just outrageous, I may have entered the wrong amount for the weight. Just email me; I'll look into it for you. Also, the USPS recently switched to dimensional weight pricing which is rather costly for large, heavy items.