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  • DVR and DVR kit Connection Guide & Internet View Setting Instruction
  • IP Camera & PTZ Camera Installation Guide
  • FAQ Cable and Power
  • FAQ Alarm
  • I'm trying to connect to my DVR but I'm getting the error: Connect Failed! Reason: no stream, timeout. How do I fix this?

    Answer: There are a few problems that can cause this error. The most common issue is that the DVR is not set up on the local network correctly. If you are able to connect locally, but not remotely to the DVR and you get this. It could be that your firewall is blocking the stream port for the video, or the Router on the network that the DVR is connected to is not Port Forwarding correctly. For help on port forwarding, please see the DVR and DVR kit Internet View Setting Instruction link.


  • I can get connected to my DVR over the Network, but all I see is a Black Screen. What can be causing this?

    Answer: If you are getting a black screen when connected to the DVR over the local network or remote locations, there could be a couple of things wrong.
    1. First, double check your firewall and make sure it's not blocking the video stream port for the DVR. Any easy way to fix this (if you use Windows Firewall) is to use an exception. Create a custom setting for the port in the exception list and that can fix this issue.
    2. Another thing to check is to make sure that your Video Card Drivers are installed correctly. Because video streams use DirectX, it's important to use updated drivers and compatible video cards. To check this, click Start-> Right-click on My Computer and choose Properties, click on the Hardware Tab and then click Device Manager. In here click the Plus + sign next to Display Adapters. If this says "Standard Driver Display Adapter" then that can be causing you problems also. Try finding the Drivers of the Brand and Model of the Video Card.
    3. Make sure to update DirectX. If you do not have DirectX 9.0c installed, try upgrading to that and it will install the updated ActiveX controls and can also fix this issue.


  • When I turn on my DVR it says "No Hard Drive is detected." What do I do now?

    Answer: Sometimes during shipment connections can become loose. Turn your DVR off. Using a Philips screwdriver, remove the cover of the DVR. Next, locate the Hard Drive (Flat, silver looking box with red cables coming out of it) and check the connections from the Hard Drive to the Circuit Board. Carefully unplug them and plug them back in to make sure they have a good connection (most of the time in comes off near the Hard Drive).


  • IE block problem

    Answer: 1. go to Tools, Internet Options (Either at the top or top right side of the menu bar);
    2. Select the Security Tab
    3. Custom Level Button;
    4. Scroll down to ActiveX Controls and Plugins;
    5. Under ActiveX Controls and Plugins do the Following:
      1) If they are already enabled or prompted - leave them alone.
      2) If there is only an option between enable and disable - Choose Enable    3) If there are options between enable, disable, and prompt - Choose Prompt


  • How to get my new DVR and PTZ camera operating?

    Answer: 1.You need to connect the RS485 wire;
    2.Connect power and video output, then you should get image from your DVR and control it on your DVR.


  • Does the camera have motion detection function?

    Answer: These cameras cannot be activated by motion. By if your DVR has motion detection function, it does not matter what camera you use. You should be able to turn on the motion detection on your DVR or DVR Card software. Then whenever there is any movement captured by the camera it will trigger the recording. You should be able to see from the screen that it is recording on motion. Also you should be able to setup the pack time which decides how long it will record after motion recording is on.


  • The DVR is locked up. Why can't I get into the Menu when my DVR is recording?

    Answer: First you will need to press Stop, and then press Menu to change settings.


  • What are the differences between 6mm and 3.6mm’s cameras?

    Answer: Dome usually has 3.6mm focal while bullet has 6mm, 3.6mm has wider viewing angle while 6mm can see further than 3.6mm.


  • What's the difference between 1/3” CCD and 1/4”CCD cards?

    Answer: The 1/3" CCD is larger than the 1/4" CCD, so the camera with 1/3" CCD will have better image quality than the 1/4" CCD camera.


  • What is “vari-focal”?

    Answer: Vari-focal means you can adjust the lens focal on the objectives at different distance.


  • I cannot get any video from any of my cameras.

    Answer: Make sure that your pigtails are wired into your power supply box correctly. The wire with the white stripe or white writing connects to the red or positive terminal.


  • The focus on my camera is going out, how do I refocus it?

    Answer: Most of the cameras we carry have a locking screw on the focus adjust area of the lens. Take apart the camera carefully and near the lens there should be a set screw. Loosen the screw and adjust the focus of the lens by turning the lens left and right. Once you get the focus right, tighten the screw back down.


  • Why is my camera showing all white when it's in night vision mode?

    Answer: The LED light is reflecting off the dome of your camera and blinding your lens. To correct this problem, please remove the dome lens cover and pull the little foam gasket around the lens out until it is flush with the inside of the dome lens cover. This will block the IR lighting from reflecting back into the lens and blinding it.


  • Are the cameras waterproof? Are the dome cameras weatherproof? Can they be used outdoor?

    Answer: The outdoor bullet cameras are weatherproof, not waterproof. They cannot be submerged in water, but they can be set outside under all kinds of weather conditions. Most of the dome cameras are only for indoor use. But the vandal-proof dome camera can be used outside since they are also weatherproof.


  • Setting Wi-Fi of IP Camera

    Answer: Follow the instructions below to get started after the Camera has been mounted properly.
    When the IP camera is powered on, it will rotate itself and stop to the center.
    1) Use Network cable connect IP Camera to LAN.
    2) Enter IP Camera Tool to set the basic configuration.
    3) When IP address of the Camera listed in the Result Field of the IP Camera Tool, it means the basic configuration is completed.
    4) set the safety property of IE in the PC when you view it first time.
    5) Camera login
    6) Now you can use the IP Camera as Visitor, operator or Administration in the LAN.