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Irecrafts  "The irish store
We are retailers and manufacturers of irish jewelry & gifts based in Galway, Ireland, the home of the Claddagh ring. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we aim to be as hospitable and friendly as the renowned people of Galway. We hope to deal with your transaction as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our 30-day return policy gives you the peace of mind that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it to us for a full refund. See our customer feedback. Out of tens of thousands of international customers. Over 99% are happy with their purchase! We offer the widest selection and highest quality range of hand-crafted irish Jewelry and Gifts in the world. All at the lowest prices representing value for money. You will not find any of our items cheaper anywhere! Please see our Best Price Guarantee for more information. A family run online & storefront business, We have a store in Dunguaire castle, County Galway, Ireland. Each item we sell is carefully crafted by craftspeople who take great pride in their work. Our aim is simple. To offer customers the best quality irish produce at the lowest prices while providing top quality customer service. We achieve this by constantly negotiating prices with our suppliers to ensure that we can give the best deal to our customer while running a highly efficient business, monitoring our performance to maintain an excellent service for our customers.Through your purchases, you support many irish business, helping to keep irish culture and design alive.


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  • Gold Jewelry Informatio​n

Gold Jewelry



Gold Price

Gold is one of the most valuable materials in the world. Gold is generally traded in units of measure called troy ounces. See the chart below for the current trading price of a troy ounce. There are about 31 grames per troy ounce. (The average wedding ring weighs about 6 grames). As at November 2010, Gold had risen in value by 400% in the last 10 years (the dollar has risen by 24% in last 10 years), up 170% in the last 5, up 68% in 3 years and up 18% in the last year. We at irecrafts, try to keep our prices steady and not pass these price rises onto our customers however we have had to rise them recently but kept the rises down to the bare minimum.

If all the mined gold in the world was put together, it would from a cube roughly 25 meters (about 82 feet) on a side. Consider that the Washington Monument measures 55 feet by 55 feet at its base and is 555 feet tall (17 x 17 x 170 m). That means that if you could somehow gather every scrap of gold that man has ever mined into one place, you could only build about one-third of the Washington Monument or easily fit under the Eiffel Tower in Paris!.

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Gold 24 hour US$ New York spot price per ounce 


What are the Different Types of Gold?

Gold is available in different levels of purity, measured in Karats, and in different colours. The following is an explanation of these differences and the terms used to describe them.



Pure gold is very soft which makes it unsuitable for most jewellery. To make it stronger, it is mixed with other metals, such as silver, copper, zinc and palladium. This is called alloying. The gold you see in jewellery is actually gold alloy.

The carat (K) tells you how may parts of gold and how many parts of other metal are in the gold alloy. Don't confuse this with the carat weight of diamonds and gemstones.

One Karat is one part of 24, or 41.66 parts of a thousand. 10K gold is 417 parts gold per thousand parts. 14K Gold is 583 parts gold per thousand parts. 18ct gold is 750 parts gold per thousand. 24 carat gold is pure gold.

Preference for a certain Karatage is often based on cultural factors. In the UK, 9K and 18K is most commonly sold, while in America, 14K is more popular. In India, 22K gold is preferred. 24K gold tends to be used for exchange and investment.

Colors of Gold

Although pure gold is yellow, it can be transformed into a variety of colours by changing the types and proportions of other metals mixed with it during a process known as alloying. The only exceptions are 22 and 24 Karat gold which are always yellow.

White gold jewellery first became popular in the 1920s as an alternative to platinum jewellery. Over the past few years, white gold has become more and more fashionable. White gold is made by mixing pure gold with other metals, such as silver and palladium, in the alloying process. The white gold you see in jewellery is actually an off-white gold alloy.

Rose gold jewellery is becoming increasingly fashionable, particularly in the UK and North America. It is made by mixing pure gold with other metals, notably copper, giving a gold alloy with a striking pinkish hue


How to Choose

When choosing gold jewellery, there are several factors to take into account

  • 9 Karat gold is more durable than 18 Karat gold, making it better for jewellery which is likely to be roughly handled.
  • 14 & 18K Karat gold is more valuable than 9 or 10 Karat, and therefore is a more expensive option.
  • Choose gold colour so that you can wear different pieces together.
  • Choose gold colour to go well with your skin colour or complexion.
  • Always ensure that gold jewellery is hallmarked, unless it is a very small piece.


Gold Facts


The United States government banned private ownership of gold, which lasted 41 years; then lifted it on December 31, 1974.

Governments fear gold because it competes with their own paper currency as a viable and preferred means of exchange AND a store of value. (Dollar devaluing and gold rising currently. Maybe they might decide to put in place the ban again!) 

A one-ounce gold nugget is more rare to find than a five-carat diamond

Gold is so heavy that one cubic foot of it weighs half a ton

Gold is six to seven times heavier than other materials that equal its size

Gold can be hammered so thin that sunlight can shine through it.

A single ounce of gold can be drawn into a wire 60 miles long

Gold can be hammered into sheets so thin that a pile of them an inch high would contain more than 200,000 separate sheets

In every cubic mile of sea water there is 25 tons of gold! That's a total of about 10 billion tons of gold in the oceans; however, there's no known way to economically recover it. (if anyone discovers a way, please call me!)

The hardness of pure gold (on moh's scale) is 2-1/2 to 3; the melting point is 2,063 degrees Fahrenheit, specific gravity is 19.32, and tensile strength is 19,000psi

Gold can be transmitted from platinum by nuclear reaction. But, because of the rarity of platinum, it is far too costly.

South Africa is the largest producing gold country in the world today

Gold is chemically liquified and injected into the muscles of thousands of rheumatoid arthritis victims in the U.S., and it is said that the treatment is successful in seven out of ten cases.

Gold is used in window glass and astronaut helmets to reflect infrared rays while allowing sunlight to pass through, and at the same time keeping it cool.

Gold is inactive chemically and is not affected by air, heat, moisture and ordinary solvents. (so never tarnishes, unlike silver)



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