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歡迎光臨我的 eBay 商店!請將此商店加入你「最愛的賣家」清單,並經常光臨。多謝惠顧!

     Dear Friends, From January 15 to February 14 is Chinese new year, no shipping service available .If you really like our shop, please Favorites us, and kindly wait.
     If you are sure you want to buy , we will send goods at the end of the holidays ( February 14 ) , thank you very much for your understanding , I wish you a happy life , thank you
    Because the delivery time is long, did not receive goods friends , or have other needs to contact my friend, please email me , I will leave after the end of the first time to contact you , to help solve the problem, thank you very much for your understanding , Thank you

    Happy Chinese New Year !!!

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