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How to determine your Apple part number through the IEEE Code.

All Apple logic boards and other sub-assemblies have what is known as an IEEE code in the serial number.  This IEEE Code is used to determine exactly which computer the part is from.  Typically the code is three digits long and is in the last four digits of the serial number.  All you have to is look at the last four digits of the serial number, on some boards its the last three and others you drop the last digit and use the preceding three.

So, for example, in the picture above the serial number is J555108UTURBA, the IEEE code is URB which cross references to a 661-3725 Power Mac G5 Dual 2GHz/2.3GHz PowerPC Logic board from the Power Mac G5 (Late 2005).  Of course only Authorized Apple Repair Centers have access to the cross reference sheet so it's a bit difficult to figure them out, we have compiled a database and can figure it out for you so this is what we'll need.

You may also see an 820-xxxx-x number etched on the board, this is actually the part number of the actual board without any components on it.  This enables a manufacturer to produce several boards with the same etch by populating them with different components like a faster CPU and assign different part numbers to them, the 820-xxxx number is not always compatible.

How to determine my computer model

If you need to figure out the bulild of your computer you can check it directly with Apple with the serial number.  You can obtain the serial number from the "About this Mac" under the Apple if your computer is still working.  If not, on most laptops it's on the bottom or under the battery, iMac's are on the bottom, and Mac Pro's are on the back.

Once you've located the serial number go to link below and type it in, Apple will tell you the build of your computer, i.e. iMac 24-inch (Early 2009), etc.

Check my Computer Model