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Can I leave the old vinyl liner in the pool when I replace it with a new pool liner?


It is not a good idea to leave the old pool liner in your above ground swimming pool when replacing the liner. Instead of adding extra protection, it actually will create more problems and headaches for you to complete the job. Installing a pool liner also requires you to redo or re-groom the bottom of the pool base before installation. Even more reason to just throw the old one out and start fresh.

How do I fix a rust spot on an above ground pool wall?

Repairing pool wall rust is easy and can give your swimming pool a new life. Preventing complete pool replacement can save a ton of money. When surface rust appears on the outside of the wall of an above ground swimming pool, lightly brush it with a wire brush. Then spray a little bit of enamel spray paint on the wall itself. This will hinder the spot from growing at a faster pace.

When you change the liner in the swimming pool, you will likely encounter more rust than you could see on the outside of the pool wall. This is all right. Just get down and dirty and spray paint all of the rust spots. Pool stores would have you think that you will have to throw the pool in the garbage, but this is not the case. Rehabilitate the wall, install a new liner, and you are almost as good as new for nowhere near the cost.


What if I have rounded coping instead of the flat coping that is on the market?


Rounded coping (semi circled) is a style that has been around for approximately 10 years. However, it is a terrible design and creates many obvious problems for pool liners.

Here is the reasoning: The liner overlaps the pool wall. A metal piece sits directly on top of the Overlap pool liner and the rounded coping sits on top of the metal piece. Simply put, the rounded coping is not protecting the liner from the metal and the metal piece causes many rips in the pool liner. This is an awful design and creates many problems.

The best solution is to go with the flat coping and reverse the order of how it is applied. In this case, the liner will overlap the pool wall, then the coping will sit on the liner, lastly the metal piece will lie directly on top of the coping. This design will let the coping protect the liner from the metal and will create much less wear and tear on the liner.

What if the box is damaged when it is delivered?


It is fairly common for a pool liner box to receive some damage during delivery. If you receive a damaged box, please do not sweat it. In almost all cases, the box gets damaged but not the product. When you open the box, please check the pool liner at the spot the box was damaged. Common sense applies......if something is wrong you will see it, otherwise you are good to go. It is very rare for the pool liner to receive damage, in almost all cases it is just the box. Another thing to remember: you do not have to call and tell us, or you do not have to tip us off. We know this happens a lot. Moreover, in almost all cases, everything is fine & in the very rare case that it is not, Warranties will apply.