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Adams, Ansel
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Brown, Gregory
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d'Ylen, Jean
Dali, Salvador
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Kent, Rockwell
Klep, Rolf
Kow, Alexis
Kretschmer, Albert
LaGatta, John
Léger, Fernand
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Lemmel, Charles
Leonnec, Georges
Lepape, Georges
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Major, Henry
Marsh, Reginald
Matisse, Henri
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Mills, Donald
Miro, Joan
Mucha, Alphonse Maria
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Penfield, Edward
Pennell, Joseph
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Petty, George
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Picasso, Pablo
Purvis, Tom
Remington, Frederic Sackrider
Reuterdahl, Henry
Riefenstahl, Leni
Ritasse, William
Rivera, Diego
Rockwell, Norman Perceval
Roediger, Virginia More
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Smith, Jessie Willcox
Stanley, Frederic
Stearns, Fred
Sundblom, Haddon Hubbard
Taylor, Fred
Taylor, Horace
Tellander, Frederic
Tomaso, Rico
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de
Treidler, Adolph
Valentino, Sarra
Van Gogh, Vincent
Vincent, René
Wenzell, A. B.
Whistler, James A. M.
Wood, Grant

Fred Taylor

Diego Rivera

Joseph Webster Golinkin

Frederic Remington

Frederic Tellander

Joan Miro
Joan Miro (1893-1983) is a Spanish Catalan artist known for his exuberant and child-like art. His experimental style and pride in his Catalan heritage were huge influences, and although the Spanish Civil War and World War II were two major upheavals over the course of his career, he succeeded in guiding his work away from political state for many years until The Reaper, a politically charged mural that was on display in the Spanish Republican Pavilion during 1937 Paris Exhibition.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's body of work is often described as drawings in colored paint. His work was certainly influenced by Manet and Degas but what made his work interesting was the use of aclassical Japanese woodprint production style in his compositions. Still, today, he is considered one of the greaest painters of the Post-Impressionist period. As recently as 2005 an early painting of a young laundress sold for $22.M through Christie's.

Alfred Kubin
Alfred Kubin (1877-1959) was a Bohemian artist hailing from Leitmeritz. His childhood was bitter. His mother died when he was 10, and his father often took out his grief and frustration on his child. Interested in art, Kubin enrolled at the Munich Art Academy but failed to achieve much until a peer stumbled across his morbid sketches and encouraged him to exhibit his works. Kubin did so with great success, and soon his art was being displayed in venues like the Cassirer Gallery in Berlin, the Garvens Gallery in Hanover, and the Rudolfinum in Prague. Quite notably, he also illustrated for Edgar Allen Poe and Kafka.

Rockwell Kent
A transcendentalist, Kent drew inspiration from nature and natural elements. His illustrations in the then-obscure novel Moby Dick made it increasingly popular, driving it to become the classic that it is today. During and after the Second World War, Kent was involved in the political scene, preferring to be pro-Soviet friendship and anti-nuclear warfare. He donated many of his works to the Soviet Union and became an honorary member of the Soviet Academy of Fine Arts. He was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize in 1967, and chose to donate the prize money to the women and children of north and south Vietnam.

Henri Matisse
A native of Le Cateau-Cambrésis, he originally began his career in law; however, bedridden after an appendectomy, he began to take up painting, using art supplies his mother gave him. Around a year later, Matisse relocated to France where he received his formal art education at the Academie Julian. Matisse is most recognized for his human figure, still life and nude subjects, as well as his impressionism style and work in sculptures, monotypes, aquatints, lithography, etchings, drypoints and woodcuts. He is said to have been influenced by Neo-Impressionist painters Cezanne, Van Gogh and Gauguin, as well as pointillist artists Signac and Henri Edmond Cross.

Jean D'Ylen
Born Jean Paul Beguin, the French artist changed his name in 1912 to d'Ylen. He was originally a jewelry designer, but decided to follow his passion after the Great War by becoming a poster illustrator for the advertising firm Vercasson. He was with them for many years, leading in his field, until a disagreement prompted him to sign with Weimer advertising in 1938, who were based in London. Sadly, he died only a few years later, still at the peak of his career.