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Costume & Fashion
french costumes fashion
French Costumes
This rare 1929 collection features French regional costumes from the 18th and 19th centuries. These large-format pochoirs were printed using the collotype process, an extremely meticulous and painstaking technique only suitable for a few hundred impressions, due to the fast deterioration of the plate itself and then altered by hand using twenty or thirty stencils on each image. This time consuming process captures the smallest nuance and detail of lace or embroidery, making this collection an extraordinary artistic and historic collection of costume images. These pieces are highly sought after due to their rarity and microscopically fine reticulations.
polish hungarian costumes fashion
Polish/Hungarian Costumes
This stunning 1939 collection of original lithographs depicts the traditional dress of predominantly Poland and Hungary. Printed in Belgium and drawn by Lepage-Medvey, these lithographs would look excellent framed and displayed due to their bold colors and intricate detail.
slovakian costumes fashion
Slovakian Costumes
An exceptional collection of historic photogravures on the people and costumes of former Czechoslovakia (present-day Slovakia and the Czech Republic). Each of these photogravures was created from an engraved plate and provides intricate detail, contrast, warmth and depth, making them excellent original images for framing.
traditional european costumes fashion
Traditional European Costumes
An extraordinary, ultra-rare collection of original color prints and chromolithographs, which capture a myriad of ancient cultures and costumes from around the world. Virtually unseen individually, and from perhaps the most coveted portfolio of costumes from the 19th century, these historically important elephant folio-sized chromolithographs depict a host of costumes that capture fashions, fads and traditional outfits, as well as the jewelry work of almost every major European society throughout history.
hats headdresses costumes fashion
Hats & Headdresses
Take inspiration from this mixed collection of hats and headdresses. Offered are hair accessories from varying regions and countries throughout history.
native american costumes
Native American
Featured in this collection are stunning portraits, costumes, and accessories from various Native American tribes, including, but not limited to, the Pueblo, Yana, Botocudo, Tillamook, Kameyaay and Hoopa tribes.
1880s womens costumes fashion
1700s european royalty costumes fashion
1720s European Royalty
Our oldest portfolio yet, this extremely rare and impressive collection of portrait engravings and etchings was produced in Leipzig, Germany in 1721 and 1722. This pristine collection is comprised of exquisitely engraved and etched copper portraits framed by varying decorative motifs. Portrayed are images of notable monarchs, rulers, religious figures, and members of eminent European Houses in fastidious detail. Virtually unseen online, this collection represents a unique opportunity to collect a valuable part of European history stunningly composed and illustrated.
ludwig hohlwein costumes fashion
Ludwig Hohlwein
This collection of original photogravures and lithographs features the work of Ludwig Hohlwein, one of the most talented poster designers of the 20th century. These images are of stunning quality, and register an extraordinary variety of tonal qualities.
ethnic costumes fashion
Ethnic Costumes
Featured in this 1840s collection are engravings depicting various ethnic costumes from around the world. Well-preserved and exceptionally rare, these engravings are highly collectible for their subject matter and near pristine condition.
masquerades balls costumes fashion
Masquerades & Balls
This collection features the various prints we have surrounding the age old tradition of masquerades and masked balls. Offered in this mixed collection are lithographs, advertisements, and covers from various decades.
lithograph copper engraving european royalty costumes fashion
This mixed collection features offset lithographs and copper engravings of European monarchs spanning from the sixteenth to nineteenth century.
theatre magazine covers costumes fashion
Theatre Covers
These exceptional covers were published from the late 1890s to the 1950s and cover a broad range of fashion styles. Highly valuable to the ephemera collector, these covers are in fantastic condition and offer artwork from legends like J. C. Leyendecker and McClelland Barclay.