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original hand signed picasso posters
Ultra-Rare Fly Fishing 1880's Casting & Fly Chromolithographs
Fly Fishing images from this era are very difficult to procure. This is a most unique collection with nearly pristine original chromolithographs and hand-colored images of casting techniques, flys, locations, and autopsies.
original hand signed picasso posters
Art Nouveau / Jugendstil Collection from 1907-1917
A gorgeous collection of photolithographs and lithographs in the Art Nouveau /Jugendstil art style from Modelli d'arte decorativa. Modelli d'arte decorativa was a periodical published in eight volumes from 1907-1917 in Milan, Italy by Bestetti & Tumminelli. Original items in this style continue to be some of the most highly sought after art and images from the early 20th century.
original hand signed picasso posters
1882 Hand-Colored Butterfly & Moth Lithographs
A rare collection of hand-colored lithographs from 1882 by English entomologist, William Forsell Kirby (1844-1912), that depict numerous species of caterpillars, butterflies, and moths from the Lepidoptera order of insects.
lithograph ornithology wildlife
1881 Ornithology
This oversized collection of North American birds was illustrated by Theodore Jasper. Chromolithographs are highly sought after for their elegance and vibrant nature. During printing, sometimes upwards of over 20 stones are used to create one image; this makes the pieces appear layered with a deceptive depth. These chromolithographs are in superb condition and exhibit excellent color saturation and detailing.
lithograph pamela bianco
1919 Pamela Bianco
These stunning lithographs, rich in detail, color, and sensuous in line, were formed by 13-year-old child prodigy Pamela Bianco. Bianco’s images encapsulate the mystical imaginations of childhood, as demonstrated by her use of elongated forms, confident linework, and her palette of pastel watercolors. This young girl, truly gifted with a vibrant creativity, was a muse and inspiration to her mother, Margery Williams, who, in 1922, wrote the famous children’s book, "The Velveteen Rabbit," after being motivated by Bianco's imagination and inventiveness.
lithograph 1930s min posters
Stunning 1790's Hand-Colored Copper Engraving Botanicals
A scarce and beautiful collection of hand-colored copper engraved botanical plates of British flora from the late 18th century. Each plate is illustrated by James Sowerby, the English naturalist and illustrator, with an accompanying page of descriptive text by Sir James Edward Smith, the noted English botanist.
lithograph 1930s min posters
RARE 1930's Collection — Art Deco, Nudes, Etchings, Pochoirs, and more
A series of the works of some of the most important French illustrators of the late 1920's and early 1930's. Published by Henry Babou, Paris, these limited editions contain some of the most beautiful graphic design and artwork that we have ever curated. A rare offering for those interested in Art Deco design, fine printing, and the work of many of the most collected and sought after artists during this era. This collection is Number 437 of 700 copies.
lithograph 1930s min posters
1936 Hunting Collection from Lynn Bogue Hunt
A rare collection of lithographs, color photolithographs, and heliogravures from 1936 of illustrations by artist Lynn Bogue Hunt that depict many species of ducks, shorebirds, pheasants, hawks, quail, owls, and many other birds and wildlife.
lithograph graphic advertisements
1950s Graphic Art Advertisements
This extraordinary collection of original lithographs features the work from the most renown and premier graphic artists of the 1950s. The prints, produced in a singular edition of 2,000, were developed for an annual art event for local businesses and major corporations in both New York City and Chicago. Historically important for corporate archivists, these lithographs are increasingly rare to locate, and are perhaps the most unique advertising collectibles in existence.
lithograph japan 1800s 18th century
1883 Japan
This limited edition collection of ultra rare Japanese art has been expertly fabricated in Paris, France in 1883 on velin, or wove paper. These images are striking and of fantastic quality. Our finest and most popular Japanese collection to date.