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Search "samantha97" on youtube to view how-to video. Creative Tile Board

Supplies: *Picture of your choice                                          *Ruler                                      *Glue Stick (rubber cement)

           *Popsicle stick                                                          * Plastic traw                          *Gloves

          *Tile board and frame to fit (frame optional)                     *Clear plastic cups (for support & mixing)

*Scissors, paper cutter or rotary knife                            *Acrylic paint to match picture - becomes the grout

*Newspaper or cardboard to protect table                       *Straight pins to pop stubborn bubbles

* Masking tape                                                             *Cover to place over board during wait                    *Pour-On Envirotex lite*



Choose your picture. Calendar prints work well because of the size and thickness. Original photos or copies made onto photo paper also work well. Scrapbook paper or fiber paper work well also, but may need to be sealed with Modge Podge/ Sealer first. If you choose a picture with a face on it check with template to see if it will work. Cutting faces and small parts do not always look good. Make a template by tracing your tile lines on a clear sheet of plastic (sheet protectors work great).

Choose a paint color that compliments your picture. The paint color will be the “grout” of the tile (and border if desired). Usually the darkest color in the picture is the best. Sand and remove any dust. Sand off any uneven corners and be sure that all dust is removed from the grooves. "Do not round edges(will take away the tile look) sand perpendicular to sharpen edges. A tongue depressor wrapped in sandpaper works great"

Paint the tile board. Paint inside each groove, down on the sides of the board and up into the tile sections. Be sure to paint all that will not be covered by your picture. Place your template over your picture to see how it will fit when cut apart. As you center it, try to place it so the tile lines do not interfere with the design.

Cutting the picture. Mark the outside cutting line. Make a small notch on the top and bottom of the line you want to cut. Using those marks cut the line with a cutter. A rotary blade and ruler work well. You want the cleanest cut possible. Continue working around your picture, doing one corner and working your way down. Lay your pieces on the boards to be sure that they fit properly. Trim accordingly.

Glue your picture in place. Glue each section of your picture in place using a paper glue stick, making sure that the edges are secure. (they will lift if you don’t) Be careful not to get the glue on the top of the picture. A baby wipe will take off any excess glue, but be careful and not rub too much or it will take the color off. You might test a scrap first. Place masking tape on all underside edges (doing so will enable you to just pull of the drip marks when dry).

Mixing the Gloss Coating. Please review all instructions on product packaging before you begin. You may want to wear gloves while making this project. Find a place where you can leave your tile board undisturbed and away from children, pets and dust. Set your prepared tile board on paper cups (right side up under grout to catch resin and use to fill in low spots ect..). Remember to protect the table from the drips. Mix the Gloss Coating in exact equal amounts of each bottle. Clear plastic cups work best to mix equal parts- unequal amounts will cause the mix to remain soft. Stir the product slowly to prevent extra bubbles forming (chemical reaction causes some) 2 min., scrapping the sides, bottom and transferring between cups as well. Refer to product information from the box for extra suggestions. It is important that the board is sitting level.

Pour the mixed product onto the tile board slowly. Gently spread the product trying to keep as much in the center of each square. Cover After 10 min. make sure you have complete coverage of pour-on, gently blow on the bubbles with your straw (tap straw often to prevent condensation from breath falling on picture) it is the carbon dioxide of your breath that pops the bubbles. Cover After the board has set for about 20 minutes, slide your Popsicle stick down the cracks to remove the excess resin. This is what creates the tile look. As you do this excess resin will come from the grooves, into your cups drip resin around the corners and edges or other low spots (fill in dimples). Continue to make sure that all spots are covered use straight pin to pop large bubbles and remove lint. Cover Occasionally run stick in grooves. When the grooves stay clear if you want to (permanently) frame your picture now is a good time to set it on (not necessary). Set a box over it to keep dust / lint from settling on it while wet (4-7 hours). It will take 72 hours for the board to dry completely.

Board Sizes Total ounces of pour-on needed 1 Tablespoon = .5 oz.

Approximate ammount needed

6x8 1.5 oz. 5x7-(1 Tbls + 2 tsp) of each                                        8x10 2.5 oz. 8x10-(3 Tbls +1 tsp) of each                                                         11x14 5oz. 11x14-(5 Tbls + 2 tsp) of each 

16x20 10oz. 16x20-(1/2c + 2Tbls)