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 SandWitch and Warlock sells jewelry supplies, brass findings, settings, hand-crafted jewelry, beads, and other nourishment for the human spirit. We create custom jewelry and sell jewelry components. We also feature Scarlett's Soul Candy and Warlock's Jools.
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Before you buy those gorgeous vintage stones you've been eyeing, be sure to check with the seller that the size of the stones is correct. If the size is an obscure size, check for the availability of settings before buying the stones if you intend to mount them in settings. The same holds true for vintage settings. Make sure that you can find stones to fit them before buying.

Large jewelry companies often contract with other companies to make unique stones and settings for them. Leftover stones and settings are sometimes sold to distributors and then wind up here on eBay or elsewhere on-line. So you may find some gorgeous stones and no settings or some gorgeous settings and no stones!

Settings for stones that were popular decades ago, (and are no longer being manufactured), may be difficult to find as the manufacturers have no incentive to make them and the tools are often lost or broken so be sure to check before buying those sparklies!


Once in awhile we find small chips or "flea bites" and scratches on vintage stones. Very often, they can be repaired by using nail files that are used for acrylic nails. These are not the same as emory boards. They appear to be smooth but actually have a slightly rough side and a buffing side. Use the rougher side to work on the scratch or chip and then smooth with the buffing side. This takes patience but the result is not having to throw away a beautiful stone. If your stone has a slight scratch, the buffing side alone will usually do the trick!


If you have some rhinestones or glass jewels that have foiled backings and you would like to use them in open-backed settings, here’s an easy way to remove the foil backing!

Make a solution of ordinary table salt and cider vinegar. Kosher salt is even better. The solution should be liquid enough to cover the stones but not so loose as to completely dissolve the salt. Soak the stones for about three hours and check by rubbing the backs with the salt. If the backing is loose enough, you should be able to remove the foil with a little rubbing. This solution will not harm the stones. Soaking time will vary with the age of the stone and the type of foil backing. Scarlett has found older stones take less time and stones with silver foil backing take longer. She usually puts these in to soak before retiring for the night. Occasionally, some silver residue will remain that the vinegar solution will not remove. Simply dunk the stones into jewelry cleaner and within a few minutes, the residue will disappear!

Bear in mind that removing the foil backing may alter the color of the stone. Some rhinestones actually receive their color from the backing as with AB finishes or other special finishes. The color of your stone will also not be as intense. Be sure to try one stone before doing them all to see if you like the color.




Make a solution with cider vinegar and salt. Rub it on your brass item until the desired effect is achieved. This method also works well if you have used liver of sulfur to age your brass and have reached an un-wanted patina. After neutalizing and rinsing, use the vinegar/salt solution to bring your item to the desired patina.

After using the vinegar/salt solution, rinse your item well and then dip in a solution of baking soda and water. This will remove the vinegary odor. I love this method to clean brass as it leaves no white residue and it also leaves the brass' smooth finish un-harmed.


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