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Welcome to my eBay Store. Please add me to your list of favorite sellers and visit often. We specialise in Vintage and collectible rareties, more


Welcome to my eBay Store. Please add me to your list of favorite sellers and visit often. We specialise in Vintage and collectible rareties, shop around and please enjoy the fun treasures and memories we have collected from the past. Thank you for your business. - Santa Monica Style

To Our Loyal Customers

EBAYhas taken a strong stance against the only union which protects mothers& children. 

Since EBAYhas decided to promote a lawsuit which will dissolve the institution of marriage into an inequitable standard of care for the most vulnerable in families, we can no longer, in good conscience, associate with their unsustainable business trust.

Marriage is the only union Home Makers can rely on for protection and security. Home Makers provide a habitat for children and their providers. Home Makers are mothers, who often times bear & rear children, teaching them, not just how to live, but making their beds, preparing their meals (with love) and ensuring their health and well-being as well as that of their fathers. Home Makers do this as dutiful wives in a non-paying job, the ultimate labor of love, whose sole reward is the benefit of the family. Marriage provides the necessary resources for a balanced family. It does so for wives, husbands and their biological children. Marriage's critical purpose is to protect, to the greatest extent possible, a child's rights to a Mother and a Father, as graced by God. Who would not wish to have both a loving Mother and a loving Father? Such an effort is the noble common goal of any healthy society. This ideal is one of life's greatest treasures. The reduction of it to include lesser standards will reduce the American Dream, and our quality of life will rapidly decline, as sexual orientation, not children, becomes the new standard of happiness, equality and freedom. 

The success of this union takes much hard labor, dedication, & sacrifice. It is not a social game. It is the basic building block of every civilization. Motherhood, at it's best, is a non-paying, full-time, care-taking position. It is a job whose security is dependent on unionizing with a Father with the exact same vested interest: a focus resulting on the child's security. The child is a product of that union. So is his or her upbringing. It is a woman's right, and the resulting children are a man's legacy. This institution, which aims to cultivate a healthy culture at large, is called Marriage. The more healthy marriages are, the healthier society is. Respect for Marriage creates and sustains life. It's redefinition welcomes a complete dissolution of any society who would dare to denigrate it's sacred role, by imposing upon it into a baser and lesser gender-defined, aesthetics oriented notion. It will be socially debased, and thus, worthless.

When mankind gives up on  marriage,  we cannot guarantee happiness for our children & our elderly will also suffer greatly from the neglect of their value in society. The beautiful but week will suffer the most. Mairriage in and of itself constitutes by natural law, in and of itself, an equitibale trust, whose common interest is the allowance for the creation, benefit and general welfare of children by whom, those entering into the union, maintian that their sole hope is for these children to profit. It is this mature responsible adult behavior that is the allowance and sustaining union of generations within any single civilization. This one union spares the  the future of any country, the children exploitation for the trivial pursuit if misguided adults  & ensures the health of all other institutions & trusts which compose a Country. By natural law this most basic trust, that which is called marriage, cannot be dissolved by legal definition, and still be expected to fulfill in the same capacity it's current duty, that of protecting and empowering America's youth while unionizing her legal guardians. By their very physicality, a single man and a single woman, complete the mandates composing this natural, God given, dictum.

The proposed legislation will close down, not just adoption agencies, but all companies and institutions (including all churchs) who refuse to cater to same-sex preferences. In the name of 'social justice,' Church's and all other businesses will be forced to comply or foreclose. These organizations will be, ironically, discriminated against with 'discrimination' lawsuits. The purpose of the law is to force this issue on society and force society onto the issue.

But first it must pass through the Supreme Court.

If you are interested in participating in a Boycott yahoo search: marriage equality supporters 

and click on: 

Supporters of Marriage Equality | MarriageEqualityUSA

 Use Yahoo instead of Google as your search engine. Have Coffee Bean instead of Starbucks, these are the easiest ways to demonstrate your support of the marriage union. Read a book instead of seeing the latest blockbuster featuring one of the listed actors who supports redefining marriage to include recreational sexuality. These are sacrifices given up to God thus honoring His Natural Law of one man and one woman defining the marital union.

We will be answering e-mails until we permanently close our account upon finding an alternative to the unjust stance of our partner, EBAY. We appreciate the wonderful feedback and want to say a big THANK YOU, to all of our AWSOME customers.

For More info on how this redefinition of 'equality,' has imposed itself on families and advocated recreational sex to children search: What Gay Mairraige has Done to Massachusetts.

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