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Welcome to Custom Wheel Outlet, a family-owned company and your one-stop headquarters for a complete line of quality automobile wheels and tires. For over 15 years, we have provided the United States and Canada with the latest products and unprecedented service for everything we sell. And for years, our customers have been coming back. View our online catalogs for the wheels or tires you need.


Take a look around. If you don’t find what you need, feel free to call us toll free at 855-SHOP CWO (1-855-746-7296) or email us and we will do all we can to get the product you are looking for at the best price possible. From the latest and best in wheel and tire technology to unprecedented customer service, Custom Wheel Outlet can get you out on the road quickly and at an affordable price. Shop now and see why so many people consider Custom Wheel Outlet to be the one-stop shop for all their wheel and tire needs.


At Custom Wheel Outlet, our friendly and knowledgeable staff, quick and dependable shipping, and affordable prices all come together to make getting a new set of wheels and/or tires easy. On top of that, we never "tire" of tires! Give us a shot, and you’ll be glad you did!

Take a look at what some of our recent customers have been saying:

User:Date:Nov-22-17 10:35:18 PST
Praise:5* Seller
User:Date:Nov-22-17 10:15:03 PST
Praise:Item as described - Thanks!
User:Date:Nov-22-17 09:49:22 PST
User:Date:Nov-22-17 09:36:22 PST
Praise:Very pleased to do business with you.
User:Date:Nov-22-17 08:50:44 PST
Praise:super fast shipping, wheels are awesome. A++++++++seller
User:Date:Nov-22-17 08:40:42 PST
User:Date:Nov-22-17 08:34:06 PST
Praise:The socket (key) broke at installation but, contacted Rep and new one is coming
User:Date:Nov-22-17 08:31:09 PST
Praise:Spoke directly with Sales Rep and it was a very good experience!
User:Date:Nov-22-17 08:15:28 PST
Praise:exelente producto
User:Date:Nov-22-17 07:58:25 PST
Praise:A+++Ebayer. Excellent product and Excellent service!!!
User:Date:Nov-22-17 07:40:16 PST
Praise:great service!
User:Date:Nov-22-17 07:11:57 PST
Praise:Seller was great
User:Date:Nov-22-17 07:11:44 PST
Praise:Seller was great
User:Date:Nov-22-17 06:18:51 PST
Praise:Buy from this seller! Great product, great prices, great communication! 5 🌟
User:Date:Nov-22-17 06:18:25 PST
Praise:Buy from this seller! Great product, great prices, great communication! 5 🌟
User:Date:Nov-22-17 06:18:10 PST
Praise:Buy from this seller! Great product, great prices, great communication! 5 🌟
User:Date:Nov-22-17 05:12:25 PST
Praise:excellent quick delivery great deal
User:Date:Nov-22-17 00:59:06 PST
Praise:Good product
User:Date:Nov-21-17 23:24:29 PST
Praise:Thank u just got my package will love to do business again anytime
User:Date:Nov-21-17 21:22:33 PST
Praise:Toyo tires arrived in great shape...thanks
User:Date:Nov-21-17 20:44:14 PST
Praise:great product and great service
User:Date:Nov-21-17 20:40:57 PST
Praise:Awesome deal!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 20:24:20 PST
Praise:Excellent transaction, thank you!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 18:39:54 PST
User:Date:Nov-21-17 17:52:30 PST
Praise:dont know yet
User:Date:Nov-21-17 17:51:29 PST
Praise:Thanks for the help with the address mix up
User:Date:Nov-21-17 17:36:40 PST
Praise:As described 👌, arrived safely & swiftly👍, 1 track # for 2 packages scary🙏.
User:Date:Nov-21-17 17:34:12 PST
Praise:Super fast shipping AAA +++ thanks
User:Date:Nov-21-17 17:33:49 PST
Praise:Super fast shipping AAA +++ thanks
User:Date:Nov-21-17 17:08:22 PST
Praise:Very Good, Fast, Excellent, Thank You!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 16:45:51 PST
Praise:Received item as described. Fast shipping.
User:Date:Nov-21-17 16:41:07 PST
Complaint:Indicated wheels in stock but where not took two weeks to let me know then ship
User:Date:Nov-21-17 15:50:12 PST
Praise:Fast shipping great communication
User:Date:Nov-21-17 14:34:56 PST
Praise:fast shipping a++++
User:Date:Nov-21-17 14:19:12 PST
Praise:Excellent. Very fast shipping
User:Date:Nov-21-17 14:10:39 PST
User:Date:Nov-21-17 13:36:06 PST
Praise:Great seller super communication and fast shipping !!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 13:35:50 PST
Praise:Great seller super communication and fast shipping !!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 13:02:21 PST
Praise:Very fast shipping. Good quality. Thank you.
User:Date:Nov-21-17 12:59:13 PST
Praise:Thank You !!!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 12:57:59 PST
Praise:Would buy from again!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 12:50:12 PST
User:Date:Nov-21-17 12:45:24 PST
Praise:Awesome! Great Deal!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 12:44:36 PST
Praise:Awesome, Great Deal!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 12:10:33 PST
Praise:Quick shipping, exactly wheels I ordered. Thanks!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 10:32:30 PST
Praise:Fast shipping with no problems, Thanks!!!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 08:46:59 PST
Praise:Nice tires. :)
User:Date:Nov-21-17 08:10:24 PST
User:Date:Nov-21-17 06:50:04 PST
Praise:Best Wheel seller in the world!
User:Date:Nov-21-17 05:33:46 PST
Praise:thanks fast shipping.
User:Date:Nov-20-17 23:56:33 PST
Praise:Great product!! Love it, can see results!!! Good seller!!
User:Date:Nov-20-17 21:01:22 PST
Praise:The tires are new but were manufactured in 2010.
User:Date:Nov-20-17 19:11:09 PST
Praise:A+++ as described, top seller, Highly recommended!
User:Date:Nov-20-17 19:01:00 PST
Praise:Fast ship, just as described, repeat customer, thanks!
User:Date:Nov-20-17 17:39:02 PST
Praise:Great deal! Perfect Product! Item just as described. A perfect ebay transaction.
User:Date:Nov-20-17 17:34:06 PST
Praise:Nice product! Fast shipping! Thank you. AAAA++++
User:Date:Nov-20-17 16:21:25 PST
Praise:great transaction-fast shipping-would do business with again
User:Date:Nov-20-17 16:07:20 PST
Praise:Great seller! Very responsive and they take care of the buyer. 100% Favorable.
User:Date:Nov-20-17 13:40:31 PST
Praise:As described fast shipping
User:Date:Nov-20-17 13:06:24 PST
User:Date:Nov-20-17 12:39:31 PST
User:Date:Nov-20-17 09:54:01 PST
User:Date:Nov-20-17 09:29:39 PST
Praise:very good seller
User:Date:Nov-20-17 08:34:15 PST
User:Date:Nov-20-17 08:33:04 PST
Praise:A+ Fast shipping Thanks
User:Date:Nov-20-17 07:43:36 PST
User:Date:Nov-20-17 06:35:04 PST
Praise:Came fast and in NEW shape. great seller.rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr​rrrrrrrrr
User:Date:Nov-20-17 05:17:17 PST
Praise:Great seller with the best prices online! Super fast shipping!
User:Date:Nov-20-17 04:56:49 PST
Praise:Excellent experience great customer service
User:Date:Nov-20-17 03:46:56 PST
Praise:Good product
User:Date:Nov-20-17 03:46:53 PST
Praise:Good product
User:Date:Nov-19-17 22:56:59 PST
User:Date:Nov-19-17 21:52:41 PST
Praise:Shipped quickly and packaged with care. Thank you. Excellent. A++++
User:Date:Nov-19-17 20:20:17 PST
Praise:Just as described and fast shipping !,
User:Date:Nov-19-17 20:13:20 PST
Praise:Fast Shipping!! Nice Product!! Thanks!!
User:Date:Nov-19-17 19:32:02 PST
Praise:Great price and service! Look forward to future business. Thanks so much :-)
User:Date:Nov-19-17 17:46:32 PST
Praise:Great thanks
User:Date:Nov-19-17 17:45:18 PST
Praise:Items as described! I saved money! Delivery was fast! Very Pleased!!!
User:Date:Nov-19-17 17:39:16 PST
Praise:great seller,a-1 service.
User:Date:Nov-19-17 17:24:19 PST
Praise:Great seller
User:Date:Nov-19-17 17:04:56 PST
Praise:Excellent seller
User:Date:Nov-19-17 16:47:23 PST
Praise:Item as described, fast shipper. Thank you.
User:Date:Nov-19-17 16:06:12 PST
Praise:Fast and easy transaction. Product just as described. A++++
User:Date:Nov-19-17 14:57:59 PST
Praise:Fast delivery and very pleased with my purchase LOVE IT !! Very helpful!!
User:Date:Nov-19-17 14:23:39 PST
Praise:Great service, super fast shipping, you guys rock. Thanks
User:Date:Nov-19-17 14:03:37 PST
Praise:A+ selller great thank u
User:Date:Nov-19-17 13:58:54 PST
Praise:A Dishonest seller. You will have to rely on ebay money back guarantee.
User:Date:Nov-19-17 12:17:18 PST
Praise:Shipping was fast..
User:Date:Nov-19-17 09:11:25 PST
User:Date:Nov-19-17 09:10:49 PST
Praise:Looks great. Thank you
User:Date:Nov-19-17 09:02:18 PST
Praise:fast shipping great seller will be ordering all my wheels from them
User:Date:Nov-19-17 07:59:41 PST
Praise:Exactly as Described. Thanks!!!! A+++ebayer
User:Date:Nov-19-17 07:42:12 PST
Praise:A+ seller!! Will do more business!
User:Date:Nov-19-17 04:22:52 PST
Praise:fast shipping, thank you.
User:Date:Nov-18-17 23:43:20 PST
Praise:Ultra Fast Shipping! Excellent Customer Service! A+++++
User:Date:Nov-18-17 23:42:14 PST
Praise:Super Fast Shipping! Fast Customer Service! A+++++
User:Date:Nov-18-17 22:22:40 PST
Praise:Very fast ship. Look great, can't wait til they're on my truck
User:Date:Nov-18-17 21:40:47 PST
Praise:Good product
User:Date:Nov-18-17 21:40:36 PST
Praise:Good product
User:Date:Nov-18-17 21:14:49 PST
Praise:fast shipper
User:Date:Nov-18-17 18:38:03 PST
Praise:Quick shipping ! Item was as described .Thank you!😀
User:Date:Nov-18-17 18:08:52 PST
User:Date:Nov-18-17 17:13:07 PST
Praise:Fast shipping great product!
User:Date:Nov-18-17 16:23:20 PST
Praise:Excellent product for the price!!! Excellent customer service! ! $
User:Date:Nov-18-17 14:47:21 PST
Praise:Item as described
User:Date:Nov-18-17 13:03:37 PST
Praise:Excellent Seller, Great Product, Thanks AAAAA+++++ 🙂
User:Date:Nov-18-17 12:55:43 PST
Praise:Great Transaction!
User:Date:Nov-18-17 12:19:46 PST
User:Date:Nov-18-17 11:08:19 PST
Praise:Look awesome thanks
User:Date:Nov-18-17 11:07:59 PST
Praise:Fast shipping thanks
User:Date:Nov-18-17 11:00:49 PST
Praise:A++ Super fast shipping
User:Date:Nov-18-17 10:45:25 PST
Praise:fast shipment, days ahead of estimated arrival time.. thanks
User:Date:Nov-18-17 10:16:50 PST
Praise:extra fast shipping and great seller,,,thanks
User:Date:Nov-18-17 09:28:40 PST
Praise:Super fast shipping!! Thank you
User:Date:Nov-18-17 09:19:09 PST
Praise:It was nice doing business with you
User:Date:Nov-18-17 08:54:51 PST
Praise:Fast shipping, product as advertised.
User:Date:Nov-18-17 08:37:19 PST
Praise:Excellent seller, thanks for a great product
User:Date:Nov-18-17 08:04:25 PST
Praise:First Rate Ebayer All Around
User:Date:Nov-18-17 07:58:17 PST
Praise:Excellent Thanks
User:Date:Nov-18-17 07:57:32 PST
Praise:First Rate Ebayer All Around
User:Date:Nov-18-17 07:48:52 PST
Praise:Great seller to work with!!!
User:Date:Nov-18-17 06:30:13 PST
User:Date:Nov-18-17 05:51:17 PST
Praise:Good deal.
User:Date:Nov-18-17 05:15:13 PST
Praise:Nice parts, just as described
User:Date:Nov-18-17 02:30:01 PST
Praise:Intl, perfect TA. Who would have thought that this would work. :) Many the!
User:Date:Nov-17-17 23:05:28 PST
Praise:They look great!.
User:Date:Nov-17-17 20:37:10 PST
Praise:Very nice eBayer with fast transaction and nice items.
User:Date:Nov-17-17 20:05:45 PST
Praise:Great product and super fast shipping. Thank you CWO.
User:Date:Nov-17-17 16:23:59 PST
Praise:Just got it.....thank you...very much.........
User:Date:Nov-17-17 15:50:58 PST
Praise:great seller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User:Date:Nov-17-17 14:56:34 PST
Praise:You are awesome!! Thank you and God bless!
User:Date:Nov-17-17 14:50:16 PST
User:Date:Nov-17-17 14:45:13 PST
Praise:As described! Thanks a lot.
User:Date:Nov-17-17 13:28:47 PST
Praise:Perfect item
User:Date:Nov-17-17 13:26:33 PST
Praise:Super fast ship, 2 days!! Love them on my 4x4 truck
User:Date:Nov-17-17 12:38:30 PST
Praise:Quick shipping, item as advertised, A+ ebayer.
User:Date:Nov-17-17 12:36:33 PST
Praise:Great ebayer, velvet shipment, precise and fast dialogue. super 10++++
User:Date:Nov-17-17 12:21:21 PST
Praise:Great price, service, excellent seller
User:Date:Nov-17-17 12:18:02 PST
Praise:top ebayer
User:Date:Nov-17-17 12:17:59 PST
Praise:top ebayer
User:Date:Nov-17-17 12:17:56 PST
Praise:top ebayer
User:Date:Nov-17-17 10:46:27 PST
Praise:Perfect!!! Very fast shipping
User:Date:Nov-17-17 10:12:11 PST
Praise:Excellent.......quick delivery ...thanks
User:Date:Nov-17-17 09:43:07 PST
Praise:fast shipping
User:Date:Nov-17-17 09:40:36 PST
Praise:Very pleased with the whole transaction beginning to end!!! 5 star Ebayer!!
User:Date:Nov-17-17 09:18:20 PST
Praise:Thanks !!!
User:Date:Nov-17-17 08:54:50 PST
Praise:great deal
User:Date:Nov-17-17 08:08:02 PST
Praise:Ordered around 4pm on a Thurs. and they were at my door on Saturday. Very fast s
User:Date:Nov-17-17 07:57:34 PST
Praise:Great ebayer. Super friendly and helpful! Fast ship. thanks!!
User:Date:Nov-17-17 07:57:17 PST
Praise:Great ebayer. Super friendly and helpful! Fast ship. thanks!!
User:Date:Nov-17-17 07:51:09 PST
User:Date:Nov-17-17 07:30:15 PST
Praise:Fast shipping, great seller.
User:Date:Nov-17-17 06:49:21 PST
Praise:great to deal with just as described
User:Date:Nov-17-17 06:30:50 PST
Praise:Great deal A++++
User:Date:Nov-17-17 03:26:48 PST
Praise:good price fast shipping
User:Date:Nov-17-17 02:21:45 PST
Praise:Fantastic! It has taken just 7 days to deliver a set of 4 wheels to Moscow!
User:Date:Nov-17-17 00:22:43 PST
Praise:Good price fast shipping
User:Date:Nov-16-17 23:26:35 PST
Praise:A great pleasure to deal with you, many tanks *****
User:Date:Nov-16-17 23:01:35 PST
Praise:100% SATISFIED
User:Date:Nov-16-17 22:49:29 PST
Praise:Great product. Fast shipping
User:Date:Nov-16-17 21:24:26 PST
Praise:Very happy with this was very helpful
User:Date:Nov-16-17 20:32:22 PST
Praise:Fast delivery. Nice tires can t wait to put them on.
User:Date:Nov-16-17 19:59:33 PST
Praise:Smooth transaction - great wheels & great price!
User:Date:Nov-16-17 19:38:08 PST
Praise:good comunications
User:Date:Nov-16-17 19:23:54 PST
Praise:Arrived ok - but please use extra padding for the next two I buy
User:Date:Nov-16-17 18:39:21 PST
Praise:Awesome! Love these!! A+ seller!
User:Date:Nov-16-17 18:34:51 PST
Praise:A+ answered all questions, rims are awesome. They'll look awesome on my car.
User:Date:Nov-16-17 18:31:43 PST
User:Date:Nov-16-17 18:31:34 PST
User:Date:Nov-16-17 17:23:45 PST
Praise:Fast Shipping Item Description Accurate AAA !!
User:Date:Nov-16-17 16:12:22 PST
Praise:Wow thnkz guys 4 a super fast delivery looks great!
User:Date:Nov-16-17 16:10:15 PST
Praise:priced right
User:Date:Nov-16-17 14:42:38 PST
Praise:Quick shipping - thanks!!!
User:Date:Nov-16-17 14:08:28 PST
Praise:fast and exactly as described
User:Date:Nov-16-17 13:25:08 PST
Praise:Super fast shipping and communication!
User:Date:Nov-16-17 12:36:20 PST
Praise:good quality but they took a lot of weight to balance
User:Date:Nov-16-17 12:09:57 PST
Praise:great product, great guys to work with, I made a mistake on my order, they fixed
User:Date:Nov-16-17 12:09:12 PST
Praise:great product, great price, fast shipping
User:Date:Nov-16-17 12:05:25 PST
Praise:Love them they look great
User:Date:Nov-16-17 11:24:47 PST
Praise:New product. Thank you
User:Date:Nov-16-17 11:09:37 PST
Praise:Slight hiccup because of FedEx but everything was handled. Very fast shipping!!
User:Date:Nov-16-17 10:55:28 PST
Praise:very good seller
User:Date:Nov-16-17 09:18:31 PST
Praise:great looking tires
User:Date:Nov-16-17 07:08:29 PST
Praise:Great Seller Fast Shipping A++++++++++
User:Date:Nov-16-17 06:05:36 PST
Praise:Great EBAyer A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+
User:Date:Nov-16-17 05:59:59 PST
User:Date:Nov-16-17 05:34:47 PST
Praise: Super fast shipping! A+! Thanks
User:Date:Nov-16-17 04:49:34 PST
Praise:great item,
User:Date:Nov-16-17 02:54:15 PST
Praise:Fantastic transaction… Just what I wanted
User:Date:Nov-16-17 02:28:57 PST
User:Date:Nov-16-17 00:49:11 PST
Praise:Good!! Fast shipping.
User:Date:Nov-15-17 22:17:10 PST
Praise:Excellent, thank you.
User:Date:Nov-15-17 20:16:18 PST
Praise:Very fast shipping and quality products, what more could you ask?
User:Date:Nov-15-17 20:13:22 PST
User:Date:Nov-15-17 19:16:35 PST
Praise:Just what I needed. Great ebay experience! A++++++
User:Date:Nov-15-17 19:03:09 PST
User:Date:Nov-15-17 18:47:08 PST
User:Date:Nov-15-17 18:46:53 PST
Praise:a plus to ebay will do business again!
User:Date:Nov-15-17 18:40:40 PST
Praise:Smooth transaction. 5 stars. Super fast shipping.
User:Date:Nov-15-17 18:19:22 PST
Praise:Great transaction! Great parts!