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Wireless Spy Earpiece - Invisible Micro GSM Spy Earphone Bluetooth

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You put the cord (transmitter) around your neck under your clothes, put the wireless spy earpiece into you ear and just before you enter the room make a call to your partner.

The microphone located on the transmitter is very sensitive. It lets your partner hear everything you say, even whisper. The answer can be clearly heard by you but nobody else.

Spy Glasses Set is equipped with spy earpiece and sensible microphone. The spy earpiece allows you to hear everything that your partner tells you.

The sensitive microphone, built in the glasses, allows you to speak with your partner who is ready to dictate you all the necessary information in real time.

Wireless Spy Earpiece for Secret Mobile Communication!

Stressful exams are coming? An important meeting is next week? You're to make a speech in front of large audience?

Use spy earpiece to keep calm and confident in any situation! A tiny invisible device in your ear will help you to get secret assistance without being noticed.

An earpiece goes in a set with a Bluetooth transmitter compatible with all mobile phones with a Bluetooth service. We offer different kinds of Bluetooh transmitters: glasses, watch, MP3 cable, etc. Earpiece also has different dimensions and can be of nude or black color. You're welcome to choose a set according to your needs and use it for your purpose effectively. Obtain a quality spy product to get help in the most responsible moments of your life!

How does it work? Watch the video!

Wireless Spy Earpiece - Invisible Micro GSM Spy Earphone Bluetooth