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v12ttorio (1398 )100%

We are very sorry to put all auctions on vacation status. Not on vacation, My husband was fine Friday, and in hospital and came home Sunday without any known issues on Hospice. He is my #1 Priority. Not on computer with any regularity right now. Anyone who has slipped by my notice, and I have not refunded monies, Please be patient and compassionate. I will eventually be able to respond and refund any payments I might not have noticed. I have already refunded all payments i saw thus far. Our ratings speak for themselves, and again I am so sorry to all for all our failures and unhappy customers right now. Victor was the ebay guy, I just help. No can do right now. Please bear with me, No idea, what the next month or so holds. Return date is only an estimate? do not have a crystal ball for his hospice time span. I Pray for long asap, without him suffering. Please be patient with me, I will make everything right ASAP and also when emotionally able. Again, So Sorry, Pam speaking for Victor aka V12ttorio

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