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1. The serious International fashion business[click]

2. Every buyers should Request your product's details (size and color) [click]

3. Shipping Service / Tracking your item [click]

4. Shipping cost and combining items / custom tax [click]

5. Buyers from the countries concerned for succeful delivery [click]

6. More discount for bulk order? [click]

7. Terms of exchanging and refounding [click]

1. The serious International fashion business
We are located in Seoul, South Korea just a good place to do internet business for high fashion since 2007. Nov.

Most of clothes are provided from our cooperated factories and e-shop owners in Korean domestic market. We are so ready to supply qualified goods filtered by a lot of experiences through very competitive on-line market for last 10 years.
We believe in that this circumstance get you highly satisfied men’s wear in new design even with best price ever in the world.

We are care about single order to hundreds combined order. Through your total will be discounted by each different price level of quantities.
If you have been just started running your own on-line fashion business, we can supply good looking pictures of products and carry on your order directly to your customers (drop shipping) Once you inform your site Address to us.

So there must be a lot of things to share with you not only charming wear but also technical experience through e-commerce market in the future.

Please Keep watching our sites and talking to me what you think about in any!

[*Click here to request your needs]

*.More discount for bulk order? JUST VISIT
Please visit our own shopping mall, we will offer..

1. $1 cheaper than whatever ebay's prices are
2. 5% deduction from the price of 3~6 items
3. 10% deduction from the price of 7~items
4. Mileage points for redemption


2. Every buyers should Request your product's details (size and color)

We are asking buyers to leave a message for the sizes and colors
after checking out availabilities of each details at product's description differently from other sellers.
(there is no way you can choose your size and color but leaving a message!)

*if you do not request details of your order like size and color, we can not ship any quickly, it would bring more time and works for mailing. So please leave a message of the size and color you want

*Best way to request your order detail is..
1.Check out the available sizes and colors at the top part  of product's page
2.Complete your payment
3.You can request your details at "contact member" or "note" through the order process of ebay.
   (Please do not leave your request through paypal or via personal mail, We conly check ebay message)

3. Shipping Service / Tracking your item
1) Standard shipping service ; Registered shipping service by Korean National Post Service

① Normally it takes 10~20days to delivery most of countries after posting
② We can provide registered No. when you request
③ The No. can show your parcel’s dispatching from Korean International Air port (INCHEON)
④ Any parcel weighted over 2000g can not be carried by this service
We can not give you any guarantee of successful delivery to some of countries by this service
    (BELARUS, ITALY, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Moldova, Molta, New Caledonia, Venezuela, Lithuania, Bolivia)
**Deliveries To RUSSIA, UKRAINE now take more than 40days by standard shipping. please be aware the duration before orders

2). Expedited Shipping service ; EMS (Express Mailing Service)

① Normally it takes 3~7days to delivery most of countries after posting
② We will provide you tracking No. as soon as posting the parcel
③ The No. can be traced till the parcel will arrive you
Some of countries are not available (Italy, South Africa, Moldova, Molta, New Caledonia, Venezuela, Lithuania, Bolivia)
⑤ You can request tracking No by message to seller

3) The fastest service ; TNT

① This shipping service cost a lot, and may bring Custom tax as well,
please contact me for more infor
*Click to trace your registered No:

*To track your Item- Please take a step

....1. Request your No via "ask question" or "contact seller" through ebay to us(seller)
....2. Trace your No. at url below first
....3.If Your service is Standard shipping service :
.... After 1 and 2, You can only check the parcel's dispatching from Incheon
.... (Korea International air port), then in 1 ~3 week, you may be able to trace it at your country's postal site.

....*US :
....*CANADA :
....*Russia :
....*Ukraine :
....*UK :

....*Some national Posstal sites include Belarus, Italy, Germany and etc, do not prove any tracing result for the standard shipping.
Please find your national postal site to see if this service is available.

4. Shipping cost / combining items / custom tax

1)When you order 1~2 items
We are running flat shipping cost for 1~2 items to all over the world. Please check the shipping price by each product's weight
-Second item will get deduction , $2~$4 for standard shipping and $10~$16 for EMS.
-You can request an invoice for discounted total

2)When you order more than 3 items
-you will get 5% deduction from the total of product's price by your invoice in 24 hourse with shipping cost according to the chart below
Please estimate your total previously before requesting your invoice.
*Shipping cost are basically calculated by merged products' weight for one parcel by each shipping zone.
ex)if buyer from USA buy 1 shoes + 1shoes + 1 denim jeans = 900g + 900g + 800g=2600g then shipping cost will be $54

-Introduction of
Shipping cost ; differently placed by regional zone

<Cost of International parcel>
*not available countries;
Russia, India, Indonesia, Moldova, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Czech republic, Belarus, Slovakia Kazakhstan,
(This service can be limited on your country too, Please check your available shipping services by a Invoice)

<Cost of Expedited shipping service ; EMS>

3)how to combine your items?
1. Please click “buy it now” buttons at each items' pages without payment
2. you will get an invoice of the total included discount advantage
which we offer by combined shipping rate like below in 24hourse.

5) Custom tax
To help as much as I can with your custom tax issue.
W e mark your parcel as a gift in much lower valued (ex, $20 for 1 items, $30~$40 for less than 3 items).
And for the tip, you can divide your parcel into several. Please let me know if you want to us deliver them in small packages.


5.Buyers from the countries concerned for succeful delivery

We are located far from most conturies as in S.korea. So please understand that not for many times but we have experienced delivery failures by Standard shipping service.
Even thought you can still take your shipping method as Standard service to save your budget automatically
By those failure cases make me feel heavy responsibility to inform the below as a seller

Here are conturies and tips

;We failed 2 times of more than 50 times. i would not still know why. so please take EMS for 100% guarantee.
better to take transaction at (20% discount advantage for Asian countries offered automatically) and EMS will even take only about 3days after our posting

;We failed 1times of more than 50 times. it was not posted to big city by standard shipping service. EMS will give you 100 % guarantee of delivery
Standard shipping service seems to take long time, about 15days after posting.

Russia Brazil:
;We failed 1times of more than 50 times. it was not posted to big city by standard shipping service. EMS will give you 100 % guarantee of delivery
Standard shipping service seems to take long time, about 20days after posting.
Recently (March.2010), Deliveries to Russia does not transfered smoothely, taking much longer time by tax issue and sevear weather. hope that buyers from Russia should get ready for big patience before order (more than 40days by standard shipping, 10~15days by EMS)

Spain Ukraine Peru:
;We lost parcle 2times of more than 50times. Standard shiping service seems to take more than 15days.

Italy, South Africa, Moldova, Molta, New Caledonia, Venezuela, Lithuania, Bolivia
;We can not give you any guarantee of delivery to the countries by any service but TNT.
Please contact for your shipping cost before your order

: Standard shipping is now available anymore, because Belarus's postal site does not show any tracking data for the registered No by the service. Shippin by EMS is only available (update 16.April.2010)


7.Terms of exchanging and refounding
1 Please provide us any picture of the product if you have any issue about first.
2. By the picture we can get conclusion whether this second transaction would be happened by buyer’s fault or not.
if it is turned into all buyer’s fault,

2.. We would like to refund you shipping cost to help your shipping.
and Please send the items to address below by the cheapest service but with tracking No (or any registered No )

*address for return :
Miae, yi
#53 8Floor SEASON bldg. 328-18
Changsin-dong ,Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
(zip : 110-540)

2. As soon as you provide your registered No, then we will ship new products in the details you requested again.

3. As soon as we receive your package, then will refund your additional shipping cost you may pay more than the shipping cost we refunded.

*But since the exchange would be made by buyer's fault, Please understand that cost of sending back your parcel to Korean and our cost of second shipping will be asked.