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Thanks for looking at our authentic autographs! (a real rarity these days).

We are AFTAL Approved Dealer #AD123.

Many of our autographs are 3rd party certified to put our customers minds at ease, to help protect their investment, and facilitate possible future resale.

Every autograph will always be authentic without exception.

Please DO NOT shop for autographs based solely on price!!! Authenticity is paramount. Obtaining authentic autographs is hard work and they sell for real money. Sellers with authentic material price items appropriately. Those with forgeries simply do not. If you shop by price you will end up with bad material in your collection- guaranteed!

Now go buy something AUTHENTIC from us right now!

Please note:
We will be away until 1/30/18. Any purchases will not ship until after 1/30.

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Please be sure to check your e-mail inbox and "junk-mail" or "spam" folders for our end of auction e-mail. It will have all the instructions you will need to complete payment.

Feel free to pay via paypal or credit cards immediately.

Our Merchant account is now integrated with eBay checkout so you no longer need a paypal account to pay- just a credit card!

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About autograph pricing

If your are shopping for $9.99 autographs you have come to the wrong place. Authentic autographs do not sell for $9.99 (there are some rare exceptions).

Lets do the math, the photo itself costs around $2. That leaves $7.99. Subtract the eBay and paypal fees and that leaves about $4.00. Do you really think a person would wait all day to get an item signed and then only ask for $5 profit for the time and trouble? I highly doubt it. Some stars even charge to sign a photo. We need to be realistic here.

We are happy to list items at $9.99. Of course we hope they will be bid up but if not we can just call them 'loss leaders' and a few of our customers will get some great items at a great price.

If you want authentic items then you are in the right place. Our items may cost a little more but when you go to sell them one day, the only surprise you will get is how much the value has risen not that you bought a forgery. If you must have a $9.99 autograph, there are plenty of FORGERS on eBay to shop from and when I say plenty I mean if they are not an AFTAL or IADA dealer or the item was not purchased from an AFTAL or IADA dealer then there is a 99.9% chance the items are forgeries. It is just that simple.

If all the forgeries were removed from eBay there would be very little to bid on.

A Note About COA's:

We sell authentic signed items. Every dealer of autographs is going to state that. However, we actually mean it and stake our reputation on it.

We do issue COA's but only so that our customers have record of their purchase from us. On their own, COA's are worthless. Per UACC guidelines, we also issue a hand signed receipt with all the details of your purchase including our guarantee of authenticity. Our reputation is impeccable and our 'COA' means something. Buying form us is a no risk proposition.

Quote From the UACC FAQ:

Q. Are Certificates of Authenticity endorsed by the UACC?

A. The UACC has been very vocal about the fact that Certificates of Authenticity (COA's for short) are totally worthless. The UACC does not issue COA's, and always encourage collectors to get a signed receipt for merchandise, instead of a COA. Frankly, they aren't worth the paper that they are printed on. A COA is only as good as the dealer that has issued it. If you buy from a UACC Registered Dealer and get a receipt, you are following the correct procedure.

We hope you understand that the issuance of a COA does not make an autograph legitimate on its own. The autograph is either authentic or it isn't. No piece of paper can prove otherwise. Ultimately, what counts is the credibility of the dealer and the signature itself.

We follow the UACC guidelines and issue signed and dated receipts with every item as your “COA.”

There are a few exceptions to this rule- JSA (not anymore though- only their older stuff), GAI, GA and PSA/DNA COA's' provide proof that the item is 'most likely genuine'. They have thoroughly examined the item and compared it to their in-person database thereby weeding out most bad stuff. We know the authenticators make mistakes but we understand that you more likely to trust, a dealer that sells 3rd party authenticated items over one who does not.

We NEVER use the authenticators to determine if an item is legitimate. We simply submit many of our in-person obtained autographs to them in order to provide a higher level of confidence to our customers and to protect the value of the items in the future if they decide to sell the item.

You will also notice some autographs are not 3rd party authenticated. The cost of authentication can be high. Thusly, lower value autographs will rarely be 3rd party certified. However they are still 100% authentic and we are always happy to help you submit any non-certified items to GA at your expense if you would like them to be certified.


Let us know if you have any questions and above all, have fun!

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We are your eBay AUTHENTIC autograph source.

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